Spray Tan Solution - SJOLIE No. 12 - DARK Blend (8oz) - REVIEW

  • Its so dark and pretty! I put it in a continuous mister and it comes out so even
  • I always buy my tanning solutions from amazon, I’ve tried several and thought I’d give this a shot! The best!!!!! I applied it 2 days ago and have not reapplied since, I’ve done hot yoga & hot Pilates in a 130 degree sauna taken at least 3 showers, shaved and got a pedicure & haven’t noticed an obvious change in color or patchy appearance that normally happens. Also did not notice the “graham cracker” spray tan smell after application.
  • Happy with the product; goes on easily and provides a nice, smooth, deep tanning sheen.I've tried other spray tans and this one looks more natural.I would definitely order this again.Anything to maintain my nice tan without the harmful rays of the sun!
  • I’ve used Norvell for about 6 months and wanted to change to something different. Not only is this cheaper but the color is so much better! Norvell has an orangish color but this is more of a slight red undertone so it looks like a real tan! Plus Norvell made my skin super tight and dry, this hasn’t so far. It is thinner than Norvell but we just turned the spray output down on our gun and it worked fine. My new favorite 😍
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  • SUNLESS TANNING HANDHELD SOLUTION: Each SJOLIE formula in our collection is made for easy application, going on smooth, providing a rich brown tan that looks like you returned from a beach vacation.
  • BENEFITS OF ALOE VERA IN SPRAY TAN SOLUTION: Aloe Vera will deliver the DHA (Tanning Ingredient) deeper into layers of skin to provide a longer lasting, better fading spray tan. Using a product with ALOE VERA can extend the life of the tan by 3 or more days!
  • VEGAN, ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: We are one of the only true companies providing a spray tan solution that is made of all naturally derived ingredients and certified vegan through PETA. We refuse to use dangerous ingredients like Erythrulose, and parabens which are typically found in other major spray tan brands.
  • PRO SPRAY TAN TIP: The DHA will start to develop within 1 to 4 hours after application. Do not bath, shower, or participate in physical activity that could make you sweat for at least 8 hours after application.
  • NEVER TURN ORANGE: Our solutions will only perform at the highest level, giving you a perfect rich brown tan every time. We guarantee you will not turn orange when spraying properly (spray one coat, and never more than 2.5 ounces).
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