Fast Perm Lash Lift Kit Eyelash Perm Kit Eyelash Coating Lotion (Quantity: 10 Packs) - REVIEW

  • Forget the kits. This solution combo is effective. Don’t throw away your kit.Keep the kit glue, forms and tools and use this. My lashes look fabulous.
  • When you see youger ladies get a lash perm or lash lift it looks so great! This was my second time trying it on myself. I have always had nice, long black eyelashes. However at 50 years old you can barely see them anymore. Color isn't as dark, plus my eyes are more folded in so they don't look long lol.. I was so hoping I'd look like the other girls that do these. Unfortunately it really didn't do much and what little it did do didn't last over a day. So if you're young you'll love these! If you're older like me.. have reasonable expectations!
  • I was supper hesitant to get this but I’m glad I did. The little box has 10 little packets:5 number 1 solutions and 5 number 2 solutions.As you can see if you peel the barcode sticker from the back there are simple instructions. I used the back of a crochet needle to apply both solutions and lay my hairs in place. **Note you do not need to put glue on your brows to keep them in place you can apply the solution and this will lay them flat.** I then used a piece of Saran Wrap over both brows and left the solution on for 5 minutes.Since this did not include a remover I just used micellar water on a cotton pad to wipe them clean and it did not effect the perm.They look a little cray but I’ll clean them up! Will update to see how long they last
  • I had a lash kit with bottles of solutions, but I found it easier to use these packets and not worry about how much I was using of each. You'll definitely need to already have the pads, glue, and tool from another kit, but this is a great way to keep using those without buying a whole new kit. My lashes stayed curled for weeks!
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  • NO MORE WASTE - Specifically designed sachets with a quantity that is enough to carry out each step well.
  • MORE CONVENIENT - Compared to bottled kit, they are sealed for freshness and one time use to ensure clean and hygenic.
  • EASY TO USE - Follow the instruction manual, only several steps to create more curly lashes.
  • SALON QUALITY – Our lotion is formulated with high quality and non-irritating ingredients, hypoallergenic and safe.
  • LONG LASTING - After perming you can get a charming semi-permanent eyelash curls that will last for 6-8 weeks.
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