Eyeliner. Make Your Eyes Mesmerizing. Smokey Eyes Vibe. Makes You More Confident. Brilliant Makeup Finish. Satin and Silky Smooth Tip. Classic. Showtime Black. - REVIEW

  • A really good quality eyeliner. You just need to use it once and it stays on for a while.
  • This eyeline is a solid waterproof black eyeliner and it lasts all day.It does not feel sticky like some waterproof eyeliners I have tried in the past and it dries pretty quickly once applied.I was surprised that the applicator was stiff and not flexible or a brush style but I did get used to rather quickly.It is a solid choice for a waterproof eyeliner.
  • Just when I thought the makeup world had run out of surprises, along comes the MAVEUP Eyeliner. It's been an absolute game-changer for my makeup routine, and I can confidently say, it's an investment that's worth every penny. It's brilliant, versatile, and leaves you with a captivating eye makeup finish.
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  • Mesmerizing Eyes. Satin liquid pen liner glides without the skips or slips, easy application. With its very easy brush tip, this liquid eyeliner delivers the smoothest glide, fitting to the shape of your eye making them stand out.
  • Liquid Eyeliner Pencil Waterproof. Get a perfect, consistent finish every time with our winged eyeliner stamp.
  • Waterproof and Smudge-Proof. Our special makeup formulation dries quickly to hold strong! You can be confident that you will not have panda eyes because you can party all night, even swim or sweat, without running mascara. Use your favorite eye makeup remover or facial cleansing oil to easily remove your eyeliner in seconds.
  • Experience Based. Vegan & Cruelty-Free. Made with unique pencil brush tip design to give you longer, thicker, gorgeous lashes.
  • Smokey & Satin Eyes. Subtle lines, smokey vibes, classic tones or a shot of bolder color. Our eyeliner, mascara and eyelash growth length booster serum collection (add 3 to cart to complete the look) are designed to transform your look to express your eyes more beautifully.
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