Blinc UltraVolume Tubing Mascara, Volumizing, Lengthening and Curling Mascara, Ultra-Longwearing Washable Mascara, Clean, Vegan and Cruelty-Free, 9mL / 0.30 Fl Oz (Pack of 1) - REVIEW

  • I love this mascara! It’s hands-down my favorite. People think that I have fake lashes when I use this Mascara and I’m constantly getting compliments. The only issue I have is it slightly irritates my eyelashes but I also have a sensitive skin and allergies.
  • It's pretty good but it doesn't lengthen as much as I hoped for. Otherwise it's a mascara I can easily say I would continue to use.
  • Wetter than the original.Wand is meant for more volume. Which sometimes makes it more messy and spider like and clumpy.I literally am using my old wand in this formula and it’s perfect for me.
  • I first got this in my Allure beauty box. Best lash extending mascara I have EVER used. It stays on your lashes all day and looks natural. No irritation to my eyes. It does not come off until you was it off. Love it❤️
  • I try a lot of mascaras because mascaras usually leave me with dark smudges under my eyes. This is the best mascara I’ve found so far for not smudging even at the end of a long, hot day. The con is that the formula is a bit thick so it doesn’t define my lashes well. I guess it’s volumizing. It’s not my favorite look from a mascara as I prefer more defining and natural look but can’t beat it for being long lasting without the panda eyes.
  • This mascara is great!! Love the way it goes on. And how it is removed. Just wet and press your fingers to your lashes. No rubbing, no burning, no redness!! The best!!
  • This is hands down the best mascara I’ve ever used.It does not smudge AT ALL and only comes off when you decide to take it off and then you only need warm water and it comes off quickly and easily.No more raccoon eyes or eye lid smudges throughout the day.It’s worth every penny!
  • Humid, sweaty weather, long hikes, runs, try to get this mascara to run -you can't! But it looks very natural and not gloppy like other waterproof mascaras. It washes off so easily with just soap and water. I wish it cost less so I mainly use it in the summer. A product that delivers on what it promises!
  • Was getting extensions but got tired of appointments and cost. This tubing mascara is all I need to have long lashes
  • This product makes my lashes look thicker and longer than any other mascara I have ever used.
  • So light and easy to remove. Also gives great volume. The only mascara I will use.
  • This mascara was gifted to me by a friend and I am now OBSESSED!! I will never use another brand of mascara again! I absolutely love the fact that this mascara doesn't smudge on my eyelids. I have naturally long lashes and I always look like an owl by the end of the night with every other mascara due to it smudging. For the last 2 months I have been religiously using this mascara for dinner, day time events , as well as to go to the gym. I have not had this product smudge and it comes right off when I wash my face. I LOVE IT!!
  • I love this mascara so much! It does not smudge or flake off but it comes off so easily when you want it to! The only negative thing I can say is that it doesn't volumize my lashes like some other brands, but that isn't important for me for everyday wear. I can wear this mascara to the gym and it won't budge. If you want an everyday mascara you can put on in the morning and not worry about for the entire day, get this mascara!
  • This is the easiest to apply, most volumizing and lengthening mascara I've ever used. The last tube did have the defect of too wide a tube neck, so too much product came out on the brush. The most recent one I got is perfect, so apparently they've fixed the problem. It's not too wet or dry, and is better than the Blinc Amplified.
  • Love the volume and lengthening of this tube-wrapped eyelash mascara. Stays on - doesn’t smudge- I wear contacts. Easy to remove and I don’t need to rub and rub the delicate skin. I do wear this mascara while playing tennis and if really sweaty, some “tubes” will come off. No need to “pump” the brush inside the tube- that dries it out prematurely. Love the brush style too. Easy to apply and layer layer layer during the 2 minutes while it is setting up.Super product - been using for years. A tube lasts about 4 months for me.
  • I LOVE this mascara! It doesn't flake like others do, lasts all day, and is buildsable! I've used it when going to a water park and it didn't budge! Plus taking it off is super easy! I highly recommend!
  • Thrilled my sensitive eyes are not irritated, and results whenusing wiggle method lashes are full, and separated. There's where the problem is think many might not be applying properly find less coats in fact one coat each eye is sufficient.
  • TLDR: Looks Great. Stays put. Easy removalBlinc is the ONLY mascara I have used for years now, and I'm so glad they made a formula for a dramatic look. The original looks super classy and natural but this one gives me big, full, dark lashes that last.Every other mascara I have ever used smudges under my eyes, I have oily lids or something. This lasts allllllllll day, without smudging, just some teeny tiny flakes on my cheek sometimes that i can just brush off or pick up with a finger, but honestly I usually just leave them cuz they're barely noticeable.I think this has also kept me from losing lashes when removing mascara because I don't need to rub it off or use anything strong.The tubes come off super easily, no need for strong makeup remover or rubbing the delicate eye area. I use agentle makeup remover (cream or balm) on the rest of my face and lids which I wipe off, then when I wash my face the water gets on the Blinc tubes and they just slip right off.
  • I've tried many "waterproof"mascaras over the years and always come back to this one. None of the other were sweat proof.
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