Youngfocus 3D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara, Lengthening and Thick, Volume, Long Lasting, Waterproof & Smudge-Proof, All Day Full, Long, Thick, Smudge-Proof Eyelashes, Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner - Best Gift - REVIEW

  • This is an awesome set with mascara and a bonus eyeliner. The mascara is easy to apply and stays put all day. It seems to lengthen my lashes and provide thickness to the lashes.This mascara is waterproof so you have to use makeup remover or oil to remove it.
  • I was really hesitant to use this mascara because I was scared the fibers would fall into my eye, but I was pleasantly surprised that it stayed put. The case it comes with is really nice as well. It is a bit more effort then just putting on regular mascara but it is worth the effort for the results you get. My natural lashes are practically invisible but this mascara really brings them out. It was easy to apply, just gel, fibers, then gel again to seal it in. I highly recommend it!
  • They magnified my lashes I would say at least 5 times!!!! Very easy to use and didn't look clumpy!Even work well with my glasses.I have never been able to wear falsies, so this is perfect!!!!Also came with an eyeliner!!!Very pleased!
  • Really Impressed with this product.The eyeliner is easy to apply and lasted a good 10 hours before I noticed some light smudging.The mascara works perfectly, when you follow all the steps. The transplanting gel removed any remaining clumps and secured the fibers. If you want thick and lush eyelashes, this is a great product.
  • I have not used mascara in the past that takes three applications. This kit comes in a cute compact carrying case with two tubes and an eyeliner. You apply the gel first, and then a wand with the "fibers", and then the gel again. The final result is decent although I can't say my lashes looked much different than when I use my normal mascara and apply two layers. The fibers tend to clump and make my lashes look a little cakey. I probably won't buy this again and just stick to my usual volumizing mascara. However, I LOVE the eyeliner that comes with it. It does not rub off onto my eye lids- even after 12 plus hours. The eye make up washes off easily which is also a plus.
  • I really like the mascara but had to stop using the fiber part.It just fell into my eyes - I have super sensitive eyes.But that’s the only reason one star off.If you use fiber mascara, as fiber mascaras go, it is easy to apply and I didn’t have issues with clumping, even on my bottom lashes
  • This review Youngfocus 3D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara.Easy to use and quite nice when you're done. The results are amazing.
  • Nice quality mascara. Similar to the top name brand products. Leaves my lashes looking a lot longer and fuller. Good value
  • This multi step formula created all day smudge free lashes for me. It has two mascara wand type applicators. The first applied like mascara. The second has short fluffy fibers that you sweep on top 3/4 of your lashes, avoiding the base of your lashes. You then reapply the first step to seal the fibers in place. I was careful not to get the fibers in my eyes,after using it a couple times I had no issues with that. Other than a few misplaced fibers at first it’s really easy to use. I’m super happy with the lashes this formula creates and how long they last without smudging!
  • I am in love with this product. Super easy to use just follow the directions. Took me about five minutes. I applied fibers twice and could not believe the difference in my lashes. I do not use every day only when I am going out. Since the only makeup I usually wear is mascara this is definitely the product for me.
  • This is exactly what I was looking for for my daughter she loves the eyelash stuff and makeup stuff. She really likes this it works really well and has good coverage.
  • I will say that I'm just getting used to using fibers and mascara together so it's fairly new to me. I didn't like it at first but I do now because they can be built to what I need. it's easy to set up and use and doesn't seem to get lose in my eyes or itch or irritate them. Doesn't have any odors and the look is nice.
  • The eyeliner pen is shaped nicely, the mascara "gel" goes on fine like any other mascara I have used, and the fibers stick without fall out. Adding another coat of gel onto the fibers to seal them in does indeed elongate lashes, but I prefer a non-dramatic look, so I use one coat.
  • I tried this because I wanted to give my eyes and bank account a break from eyelash extensions. I'm going to be honest, this was my first time trying fiber mascara, is was really easy, like easier than I thought. It even comes with black eyeliner too, I haven't tried it but I plan to once I finish my current one. I literally applied this mascara with these results in under 5mins. I thought it w a s going to be this long process, but nope! Also I only did 2 coats, so I can only imagine if I used more. It didn't clump up either.
  • I enjoyed this product. I do see a difference in the thickness and darkness of my lashes. You do have to be careful because this product does clump your lashes together very easily. I would recommend having a lash comb on hand. This also came with an amazing black liquid liner!
  • i love the fluffy volume look it gives my lashes! just make sure you follow the directions if you’ve never dealt with fiber lashes. also loved how it came with a case and an eyeliner as well to complete the look! would order again! before is left side and after is the right for comparison.
  • This set came with a mascara tube, a fiber tube, and a liquid liner. The liquid liner was just a bonus and actually stays on really well and applies effortlessly. My lashes are naturally a little longer but I usually always put 2 mascaras on so I thought to give fiber a try. I had no issues with applying this and thought the process was pretty easy. I didn’t have any issues with fibers getting into my eyes or any irritation.I do feel like it wore well throughout the day. I would say this is water resistant but not waterproof. It didn’t flake or smudge at all. It came off well when using my make up wipe at the end of the day.I took one star off for 2 minor reasons: 1. The mascara got into my eye shadow a little bit while applying it and 2. I had to go over my lashes multiple times to get the effect that I did.The directions for the fiber mascara are: 1. Apply the regular mascara 2. Apply fibers (only to the top ¾ of your lashes so it doesn’t get in your eyes) 3. Wait about 30 seconds and reapply the regular mascara. (I only used the fibers on my top lashes- on the bottom I used the mascara only)Overall, I like the way the fibers worked with the mascara. It gave me the same effect that I get when I use two mascaras. I think it’s at a very good price point too considering I pay about $25 for each of the mascaras that I use and get the same results. I would definitely recommend this and I would order this again.
  • This is a simply marvelous mascara! I have very thin lashes and this mascara thoroughly coats and blackens even without the fibers. The wand separates the lashes nicely with no clumping.The fibers do go on a bit clumpy but the lash gel straightens the fibers and makes my lashes very long. This is a nice kit that comes with an eyeliner wand that I did not use because I have my eyeliner and eyebrows tattooed on. The eyeliner looks lovely with a good dark black color and a pointed brush like applicator.Love this eye kit!
  • I am in love with this mascara! I can't believe how good it is! I have stick straight thin lashes. I applied 2 coats of these products, per the instructions and this is the results! I'm flooded. I was expecting it to flake and be uncomfortable but it isn't! It's so quick to do. Feels better than my regular mascara. Like you're wearing nothing on your lashes. Comes with the quick drying gel, the mascara, and an eyeliner. Also comes with a very pretty hard case to carry it in. Excellent product. Very happy I got this! Amazing!!
  • I have been using mascara for a while now and it definitely extends the length of your lashes. The only down fall is some of the product does fall on your face throughout the day. Easy to remove at night.
  • The media could not be loaded. I just ripped out my eyelashes extensions and this mascara makes my eyelashes look like I never lost any!! Fuller and longer! So glad I came across this mascara. It does need a couple layers but if applied the right way it’s great
  • Love, how easy this is to apply and love the way my eyelashes look afterwards. Fuller and longer. Perfect product!!! I definetly recommend for anybody!!
  • This does actually work. I was a bit surprised.This kit has a case, which is cool. It looks more full with more layers added.
  • This mascara kit included a primer gel mascara, fiber mascara and eyeliner. It was simple to apply and for me the results were average. I’m pleased with this product and find it does add some volume to my lashes that my go to mascara doesn’t. The quality it good and I’m pleased with the results and quality!
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  • PERFECT COMBINATION-The youngfocus 3D Silk fiber mascara consists of transplanting gel and natural fibers, 2 Tubes 3D fiber lash mascara: Fiber (short tube-dry) & Gel (long tube-wet).Please be careful when applying the fibers, so they do not go INSIDE the eyes.
  • OBVIOUS EFFECTS-The youngfocus 3D Silk Fiber increases and adds volume to lashes sharply and separately. Make you look younger and more confident!
  • EASY TO USE-Your lashes will stays neat and fresh all day - no smudging or flaking. Waterproof and sweat-proof, no need to worry about the separation makeup!
  • LONG-LASTING MAKEUP-Apply once and enjoy your enhanced eyelashes for up to 24 hours! Long-lasting makeup!
  • SAFETY FORMULA-Suitable for sensitive skin & eyes, is kind to eyes, and is safe for contact lens wearers. Wash off easily with warm water or facial cleanser.
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