bareMinerals Strength & Length Serum-Infused Black Mascara with Plant-Based Lash Serum, Lengthens, Lifts + Defines Lashes for Healthier Lashes, Vegan - REVIEW

  • As someone who doesn't buy expensive cosmetics, this is an excellent mascara!Really gives great volume without clumping.
  • This mascara is clean doesn’t have all the chemicals like others do. It also goes on very clean and not clumpy.I am very satisfied with it.
  • This has been a favorite now for a couple of years. Does not flake, dry out or leave black marks at the end of the day. My lashes stay healthy and look good too
  • I tried this mascara after getting it in a gift with purchase. I noticed my eyelashes were longer and thicker about a month later. My sister was visiting and commented one day, when I didn’t even have mascara on, that my eyelashes looked so long and thick.I have very blonde eyelashes so when someone notices growth without mascara it’s a big deal!It colors and wears well too!
  • Love the product .extends my lashes and last all day .this is my second tube so for me its been about a year .Does tend to clump a bit but i use a very soft beby tooth brush to separate the lashes .
  • My eyelashes look longer. They look beautiful and they remain with a natural lift after applying the mascara.
  • Love it... Love it! It keeps your lashes soft. Does not smudge or flake. Gives you length.
  • The brush took a bit of getting used to but the product does go on well.
  • I have sensitive eyes and all the other mascara I have tried burned my eyes after wearing it for a few hours. I tried the most expensive brands, this is the only one I have found that doesn't burn my eyes.
  • Nice deep black color. Easy to remove. I am super sensitive to most makeup. This product caused no irritation for me. Super happy.
  • This goes on smoothly, no clumping, makes my lashes look so much longer! And no allergy, watery eyes!
  • Loved this product on my first use. It does not smudge, and I have a problem with most as I perspire a lot when I do yard work. This product is great and makes lashes look long and full.
  • I have been using this product for about 1 1/2 years and it has lived up to what it says.It does lengthen and strengthens your lashes.Mine have grown very long since I have been using this snd helps strengthen your lashes to!
  • I love this mascara! I’ve tried Mamy, many different brands and I’ve found others I like, but this is the best! Once you get used to the bristles and brush, it goes on smooth and not clumpy, and it’s buildable. My favorite part is my lashes are stronger and are longer than they usually are. My lashes were falling out often too, and they’re not anymore. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
  • I personally love this! It works great, doesn’t bleed, and it can be layered for a more dramatic effect
  • I love the flat brush. It allows you to apply the mascara against your eyelashes easily
  • I dislike that as it ages the flakes get really crumbly and get into my eyes
  • I've been using this mascara for several years.I like the brush and the product on the brush.If you use it the way they recommend (sweeping up from the very base of your lashes), it lengthens your lashes and seems to make them fuller.I doesn't clump.
  • Bare Minerals Strength & Length is a phenomenal product! And yes, I have tried many other products along the line...this one meets my standards. I am a mature woman who doesn't want or need heavy, overwhelming eye make-up. What I do want is a lash-nourishing, non-clumpy mascara, and this product nails it!!!
  • I have seen videos of cheaper mascara and tried them but keep going back to this. It is easy to apply, does not flake and the brush is magical!!!
  • This mascara, although pricey, it is worth it. It goes on smoothly and best of all no clumps. The brush is extremely light weight and it took a couple applications to get used to. I love that the brush has different kinds of angles in order to get into thos corner lashes. As far as creating length, ive not yet had it long enough to see if there has been growth. Overall, it has now become my #1 and will be buying again. 4 star due to price.
  • I highly recommend this product to anyone thar suffers from eye allergies.I have finally found makeup that I can wear without any irritations
  • I like the way it applies, but even normal wear in good weather conditions it ends up under my eyes.A water resistant version would be a dream.
  • I’d been using Thrive mascara for awhile, but it often would irritate my eyes for whatever reason. So, I started the journey to find a new mascara. I tried three or four brands and all left me with raccoon eyes by mid-day. I was constantly going to the bathroom to wipe beneath my eyes, which is annoying.I accidentally came upon this mascara and tried it. The second time I wore it, a gal complimented me on how pretty my eyelashes were. She actually thought they were enchanted with fake lashes. That’s the first time I’ve ever been told that. Plus, the mascara stays pretty well! Most days, I come home from work with no (or very minimal) raccoon eyes. Plus, I do agree that the wand adds a nice separation of lashes. I’m pleased!
  • I have yet to get a mascara that really wows me. As far as mascara goes, this one works just as well as any other nicer mascara.
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  • 100% Felt their lashes were dramatically longer, instantly and after 8 weeks
  • Safe for contact lens wearers
  • Washes off easily with makeup remover
  • Vegan
  • This is clump-proof.
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