Cluster Lashes Kolybel 280pcs Lash Clusters 30D+40D 10-16MIX Clusters False Eyelash D Curl DIY Clusters Lash Extensions Makeup Individual DIY Eyelash Extensions at Home (30D+40D,D-10-16MIX) - REVIEW

  • I’ve used these on multiple clients and overall I love them. Get retention, no sticking, and the packaging is great. The sticky strip is sturdy, and won’t tear easily when you grab it with tweezers. I bought 2 packs of these in the mixed trays and they last well. Very affordable for long term use.
  • So I have tried almost every brand on Amazon and I just use the regular duo glue. I have problems with my nerves and my hands shaking, so I never attempted to get into Lash application.. so I am a beginner and out of all the brands of tried. This is in my top three. The main thing I’ve learned is it’s all about you finding the Lash that fits your desired look. I love the Kolybel C curl Natural Mix that way you can figure out what size you need. I recommend buying the mix first. 8-16 and if you like them, then you can re-purchase more of the size that you need. But with my shaky hands, I feel so much better and they really look natural That Kim K. Natural look, not to black, heavy and artificial.The other brands I liked were Quewell and Belyan ( excuse my spelling). It does help to have a very good magnifying mirror and a small fan so the glue can get tacky. With them. I take them off, but maybe one day I will try the bond and seal glue. I practiced every day putting them on and you wanna learn from your mistakes and it gets easier with practice. These were light natural These were light natural and I have small, delicate round eyes so I mainly can wear size 12 and I stretch to one 14. They were really easy to practice with then put back for another use. Getting them just right to wear out in public was important to me. These are soft and light great for beginners like myself.
  • I love these! They are the perfect thickness for a natural but full lash. I also love that they don't rip apart when pulling them off the packaging. They are definitely easy to use because they are made really well and don't move around when gluing. Going to keep these on hand all the time!
  • I like these they left light and i like how wide they are compared to other lash clusters. Only had to use 4 for each eye!
  • I am loveing these you get so much for your money and they stay on and look so nice. Easy to use !
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  • 【Specification】 Curl: C/D Length: 10-16mm Mix 10D+20D Tray. It includes 140pcs 10D individual lashes in 7 rows and 140pcs 20D individual lashes in 7 rows, total 280pcs in 14 rows.
  • 【Cluster Lashes in 10D+20D/30D+40D】Kolybel DIY Lash Clusters use high quality material very lightweight.The band is super thin and lightweight on the eyes.Our lash clusters don’t fall apart. Individual cluster lashes can be reused up to 2-3 times with proper care.Comfortable to wear all day.
  • 【How to use】:First, curl yourself eyelashes with an eyelash curler;Brush individual lash glue onto lashes; then softly pick up the eyelashes with tweezers at the root of the eyelashes. Finally put lashes under your real lashes. Using our tweezers and glue get long-lasting lashes and make operation much easier.
  • 【Easy to Use at home & Last Effect】:Create your own salon look at home by yourself in just 3 minutes, lasts for up to 7 days with the correct application and sometimes even longer. Using cluster lashes to create charming look at home by yourself, spend 3 minutes a day for salon-quality lashes.
  • 【customer service】:24h friendly service and 30 days return or refund guarantee. Please feel free to contact us If you have any problems about our DIY lash clusters. We will reply you as soon as possible.
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