essence | Lash Princess Curl Mascara | For Dramatic Curl & Volume | Vegan | Paraben Free | Cruelty Free - REVIEW

  • I love this mascara for the price but it does bleed after an hour or two.I always have black smudges under my eyes.
  • This mascara absolutely did what it promised. I got thick, full eyelashes and they curl nicely. I can absolutely recommend this product if you like heavier makeup and thick false looking eyelashes. I will definitely be buying more of these.
  • Really like this mascara. It makes my short lashes longer and fuller without being stiff. My only issue is I need a waterproof mascara and fortunately they make one that I am looking forward to trying.
  • This is my second time purchasing this. Nice and smooth not thick and clumpy at all.
  • I have VERY fine, light eyelashes that won't hold most mascara or false eyelashes well at all. When I researched for a new product to help my lashes at least SHOW up to frame my eyes, this sounded good. It was a BIG help that the price was excellent as well.From the first time i tried it, I had no trouble getting it applied fairly well, and it seemed to stay nicely all day. If and when I take even more time in application, I suspect I can get even better coverage and effect. I hope this continues when I travel to warmer climes later this year and of course next summer!If and when I take even more time in application, I suspect I can get even better coverage and effect. I think it needs a layer, a little setting/drying time, then another layer to get a fuller effect. We'll see ... 😃👍😃
  • Although the wording came off the tube- Essence Lash Princess curl & volume mascara is a game-changer. It lifts and curls effortlessly, giving lashes a bold, defined look. An absolute favorite for captivating eyes!
  • Looks cute but I wore it while in the shower and it burned my eyes when wet. For the price it’s worth it if you’re looking for something decent and cheap. Just don’t get it wet if you have sensitive eyes. It will burn and you will look like a raccoon.
  • I saw rave reviews on TikTok for this mascara. So good, especially for the price.
  • Essence princess lash mascara Is my favorite mascara, period. I haven’t tried them side by side, but they’re durable , great results , vegan. They’re good for you. In the past with different mascaras I have struggled with eye irritation, that went away when I switched. I’ve been using their product , LOVE IT !!!!
  • Smell - good | Effect on skin - good| Comfort - great| Quality - amazing
  • I bought this one in a 3-pack.Price was very reasonable.It’s a quality mascara that lives up to its advertising.I am very picky about mascara applicators and this brush is fantastic.Never need to shop for mascara again!
  • Have I had better curling mascara?Yes, have I got better curling mascara for the value?No, the value is incredible and the quality is far better than the price leads you to expect
  • I did like this mascara, but, somehow the other one in the green tube I seem to like better, this one wasn’t as heavy and you needed more strokes, or at least that’s how I felt.
  • I have very straight, short eyelashes. I normally use a curler before applying my mascara and my eyelashes always go back to straight throughout the day. I was hoping this could help the “curl” stay.While I wouldn’t say it helped my eyelashes stay curled, it’s a great mascara!Likes- It separates the lashes nicely, doesn’t clump, gives volume and length, and comes off with remover easily.Dislikes- It doesn’t help with curl and smudges by the end of the day (however I have very oily skin).Overall, I would buy again. I wish essence had different shades like brown and black/brown!
  • Saw this on a makeup review and had to try it. Well the review was right and I love this brand of mascara. I have tried the different types and like them all for different reasons. And who could beat the price, love it!
  • Absolutely IN LOVE with this mascara from Essence!!! I have somewhat short, very thin lashes that grow flat, but this catches every lash with the first swipe, and actually gives them a curl! Very buildable, with our ever getting clumpy. Though it's not waterproof, I can wear it all day with out flaking or smudging! I cannot recommend this enough!!!! 100/10
  • NEW FAVORITE MASCARA!!! i love this so much! if you twist it while putting it on it makes them so long!! i recommend also getting an eyelash curler I TELL YOU IF YOU GET THIS MASCARA YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE.
  • This has become my go to mascara. I love that it makes my lashes fuller and longer.
  • Although the brush is thicker than the other essence mascara I love, this one does a good job for me. I do not have the thickest or longest lashes but this does help my cause.It is clumpier at times then I like but wiping off the brush a bit calms it down.
  • With this product I had no more eye irritation perfect for me will def use again
  • THANK YOU ESSENCE FOR BEING ONE OF THE FEW CRUELTY FREE BRANDS FOR MASCARA!! This wand is perfect and doesn’t dry out easily. My eyes are terribly dry and irritated by almost anything but I really liked this mascara! 🥹💖
  • Better than their regular mascara if you have straight lashes. Curls them up and leaves them curled all day.
  • I absolutely love this mascara! I’m very very picky on my makeup and this is my go to mascara!!! A+++
  • Very good mascara, doesn’t clump and works well on my old lashes without being messy.
  • This mascara is the best. Adds so much volume and really brings out some length! I have false lashes on the top and the bottom lashes are this mascara!
  • My daughter uses this mascara and told me about it. You can't beat the price!
  • I really like this mascara even better than some of the higher priced ones it doesn’t flake and it lasts all day
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  • MEET THE NEWEST LASH PRINCESS! The Lash Princess family just got a little bigger... Introducing the new essence Lash Princess Curl & Volume Mascara!
  • DRAMATIC VOLUME & CURL: The peanut-shaped fiber brush allows for easy application while delivering dramatic volume and curl WITHOUT clumps or globs.
  • FORMULATED WITHOUT: Animal byproducts | Parabens | Fragrance.
  • CLAIMS: Vegan, Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, Perfume Free. Made in Luxembourg.
  • CRUELTY FREE: essence cosmetics is certified and acknowledged by PETA as a cruelty-free brand. We do not test any of our products on animals.
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