2 PCS Purple Cat eye mascara Colored Makeup Waterproof Fast Dry Eyelashes Curling Lengthening Makeup Eye Lengthening, Lifting, Curling - REVIEW

  • You know paint?Like, the stuff you use for painting?That’s what it smells like.It takes a bit to cover eyelashes that are darker (brown, black, etc.).It looks kinda cool though.
  • I use this everyday and it is perfect! The bottle lasts a long time and the color comes out with strong white pigment, perfect for statement looks!
  • The purple and blue colors are nice and dark.That’s the only 2 colors of mascara I wear.
  • Like other reviewers, I was using just for redheads brown mascara. It was doing well until that product started to dry out and get chunky. I didn’t want to buy it again so I searched around and found this one. It is a similar formula to jfr, but way more moisturizing and less dry. Easy to clean off, does not smudge with micellar water or a balm.
  • Only the first coat and I'm pretty satisfied. I used to use liquid white nyx eyeliner but this is so much easier. Smells funky but who's gonna be smelling my eyelashes lol
  • I have tried many products, and this one pleases me the most: it has just the right consistency, not too runny and not too dry. It also never clumps on the lashes, or cakes in the brush.I use the brown color, as it makes for a more natural look, since I do not have black hair.I also use it on my eyebrows, which are getting a little grey here and there. It is also super easy to brush them and make them look naturally brow again.Oh, I almost forgot to say that I even like the playful style of the applicator, it looks fun and fresh, and shiny!A great value for the price! I'll buy it again!
  • I was a little reluctant because they were so cheap but they were sooooo cute and they actually work really nice!
  • this looks like what i wanted it for. Frosty lashes that make it look like you froze lolsmells like old glue and is a little chunky
  • I really love this product, it's not super clumpy and fairly easy to remove. If you have dark lashes you need quite a lot of coats and also have to coat the tops of your lashes. But it gives great length and looks fantastic.
  • Very waterproof, lasts through workout , however, one must use blue primer to see the color on black or brown lashes
  • Used this mascara to finish up my undead Avantika (Critical Role) cosplay - it was definitely the perfect choice for the look.
  • I pair this with white eyeliner for a different kinda look. You'll need a few layers but it does the job. Cute container.
  • I was really worried that the white wouldn’t show up well on my (medium, caramel) skin tone, but it stood out extremely well! Very well pigmented
  • this mascara is very nice and looks good but if you tear up or cry or anything like that it stings sooooooo bad. but if you’re just like wearing it it’s fine.
  • Item did not originally arrive but was able to receive another with no problems. Very easy application and even coating on lashes. Simple to remove with make up remover
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  • 6 COLORS MASCARA: One mascara tube with convenient, easy-to-use applicator in Black Brown pink purple blue white, perfect for all eye colors and skin tones
  • Mascara's exclusive design mascara brush bends to volumize and extend every single lash from root to tip,full volume meets limitless length
  • DRAMATIC VOLUME: the conic shape fiber brush delivers dramatic volume and sculpted length WITHOUT clumps or globs.
  • LASTS ALL DAY: go about your day free from flaking & fading! This mascara does not flake, fade, or wear, making it a perfect all-day, longlasting mascara.
  • NATURAL MAKEUP: This Burt’s Bees mascara is ophthalmologist-tested and safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Formulated without parabens, phthalates, SLS, petrolatum or synthetic fragrances. Never tested on animals
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