Black 25Pairs(50Feets) of Spray Tanning Tan Sole Protector Foot Sunless Disposable - REVIEW

  • I’ve use these for my last three spray tans. They stay on well and keep my feet from having orange soles for several days.
  • I really wanted black foot stickies to keep my mobile spray tan bag all one cohesive color! These work great.
  • Works as described, very sticky to adhere to feet but once they are damp they will curl easily.Kept my feet from staining.
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  • ▲ Never had a spray tan before? Then you might not know what feet pads are and why they’re so useful.
  • ▲ Spray Tan Feet Pads have been designed specifically for the spray tanning industry. They are low cost, hygienic foot protectors.
  • ▲ They are preferred by clients because they are very easy to use, hygienic and remove the risk of your clients receiving blackened soles by excess overspray.These clever little disposable products are perfect for protecting the feet from tanner during a spray tan treatment. Your tanning therapist will provide you with a pair to guarantee that the soles of your feet are protected from any stray droplets of solution that fall inside the base of the tanning booth.
  • ▲ The Feet Pads are a ‘one-size-fits-all’ product but can be cut to size if needed
  • ▲The Feet Pads are extremely comfortable to wear, simply peel off the protective covering and the feet simply stick to the sole of the client’s feet. They’re very easy to walk in and also prevent the client from slipping on wet floors or on excess spray tan solution.
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