Lash Lift Kit For Professionals - For Perming, Curling and Lifting Eyelashes | Semi Permanent Salon Grade Supplies For Beauty Treatments | Includes Eye Shields, Pads and Accessories - REVIEW

  • I tried to see if anything could beat Elleebana lash lift packs but I gotta say this is a second favorite now. Tried it out and it turned out so well! Disclaimer, definitely stay under the 5 min marker on the first packet as it does bleach the lashes a tiny bit and turns them a shade of orange/red, for me this wasn’t an issue as I dyed the lashes black. Otherwise it is a pretty good dupe.
  • I’m a professional cosmetologist and I have some suggestions for people who are trying to do this themselves. I did only one eye at a time because of course you need one eye to see and one eye to be processed. I found it impossible to wear the under eyelid tape on my lower eyelashes. It made my upper eyelashes a funny shape and my upper lid a funny shape so I decided after all to just go without it and to be really careful. I’ve done hundreds of perms on hair in my life, and this is basically the same thing. Only this perm solution and setting solution working only five minutes which is amazingly quick. the directions are good but I would suggest looking online at some professionals who actually do this for a living because the directions to this product are a little brief and there’s some great tips online. The bottom line is it worked as expected. (forgive my ugly sun spots in the picture, but I’m not wearing any make up ) I’m 67 years old and I’m excited that this is going to finally make my eyelashes look long again when I put mascara on. I found it as I get older and my Lid skin gets more wrinkly, it makes my beautiful eyelashes point down so it looks like I don’t have any. so this is probably some thing I will continue to do throughout the rest of my life because the results were great, and it was very affordable. I just can’t afford to have someone else do it but if you don’t have my confidence, then have a friend do it for you. You just have to be able to follow directions. it’s basically like putting on mascara. My eyelashes were very resistant so I had to keep applying more cream and smoothing them out to keep them in the position I wanted them to stay in. It’s important for both the perm solution and the setting lotion but even more so with the setting lotion that you hold them where you want themwhile it’s setting. anyway that’s my story. Btw, I even got a little bit of the product in my eye and it honestly didn’t sting anymore than fresh water. But immediately washed it out as soon as the timer went off. I hope this helps you. I’m going to do the other eye now and then I’m gonna try my eyebrows with the same product although they might end up needing a longer processing time. Good luck!PS: now that my eyelashes are up and long looking, I could see that the tips of them have really faded with the sun so I know that if I do some eyelash dye next, they will actually look about a quarter of an inch longer without mascara. You can see how blonde my eyelash tips are in the picture.
  • For the price this is great quality. It’s not quite up to par with more high end professional products but it does the job.
  • The media could not be loaded. My go to for lash lifts and brow laminations!You won’t have to worry about if your solution is working or not with this stuff!I get the same results every client!
  • Lash perming takes a lot of practice, so if you know how to do it this is a good buy. I do not reccomend buying this unless you do some prior research and understand the process. Definitely watch someone else do one first!
  • Love this. Im a licensed esthetician and I use this for brow lamination and lash lifts! Perfect amount for each client. Packaged individually, Definitely worth every penny. Don’t be surprised by the packages size it’s very small.
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