BOBISUKA Clear Liquid Latex, Halloween Costume, Zombie Makeup, SFX Special Effect Make Up for Face and Body, 4.92 FL.OZ - REVIEW

  • The media could not be loaded. It’s a little tackier and sticky than some other brands but it blends well with a little Vaseline. I would use latex or spirit gum to help it adhere to skin though. Be sure to play with it a bit and warm it up before trying to apply it to your skin.It has orange undertones, so some color matching may be off. Paint is your best bet in adding color cause most things won’t stick to the wax. I recommend a translucent powder over it before painting or anything to get rid of any sticking or shine.As for the blood it comes with, I actually really like it’s consistency and ability to spread it around. It gives a splattered affect, especially when using the stipple sponge it comes with.
  • Was looking for some affordable latex to do so makeup tests. It worked great over my positive clay mold with a clean release.Applied with ProsAide, all makeup over the prosthetic is from the Bobisuka makeup kit also on Amazon.Great products if you are looking to do SFX makeup on a budget!Picture is without any photo edits/filters.
  • This liquid latex works great. Its amazing for creating incredible looks for Halloween or a dress up day. I have had no issues creating gory looks by making layers of latex, tearing them and adding red makeup. Ive also made pretty, fairy-like looks by using the latex as an adhesive for gems and lashes. Its great for several different things and can be used for many different looks.
  • Really easy and fun to use, but you should get eyelash adhesive or spirit gum to help with staying on. Otherwise you won't have much success.
  • I bought this for a Bonnie and Clyde Halloween costume. It was PERFECT! It looked so really and it was so easy to apply! I used Vaseline to make sure the paste did not stick to my fingers when applying. I even used the blood on my shirt to take the costume up a notch. It was super easy to remove and it did not leave any sticky residue or stained my skin. 10/10 recommend for Halloween!
  • This kit comes packaged well in this cute little box. It had everything that I needed and is very easy to use. I would buy this again and recommend it if you are looking for these products.
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  • All-Natural Latex Made from the Rubber Tree. General purpose adhesive, use to seal wax, or apply directly to the skin to create effects like 3D Wrinkles or peeling skin.
  • Perfect for making realistic-looking scars, wounds, cuts, use with cotton and tissue paper to build up variety of different scary looks.
  • Non toxic, quick drying, more flexible than glue, easily shaped and layer on, can be painted after drying, works with fake blood or face paint could create vampires, zombies, monsters, clowns and more. Easily remove and not stain your skin. Safe for all skin types.
  • Great for costumes prosthetics, professional special effects makeup, cosplay, dress-up, carnivals, theatrical performances.
  • If you have any problem with our product. please feel free to contact us and we will do it right for you.
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