Black Radiance Eye Appeal Lash Sculptor Mascara, Black - REVIEW

  • My daughter absolutely loves this mascara and it goes on very evenly with no clumping
  • This mascara formula is fairly average. It goes on smoothly and lasts for a full workday for me, but does tend to smear during heavy sweating/moisture (while working out for me).It easily comes off with makeup remover wipes as well, and did not irritate my sensitive skin.My favorite part is the smaller than normal applicator brush. I have small hooded eyes and love being able to get closer to my inner eye without smearing on my hooded eyes like I do often with larger brushes.It's definitely a great idea and addition to my makeup vanity.
  • Loved using this mascara. I really love the way it elongates and thickens my natural lashes but they work great on my falsies as well. It goes on smoothly, no clumping. The applicator was a little different from what i'm used to but you get used to it. It is waterproof so no running and minor smudging. I was pretty impressed.
  • I got this for my daughter. Her review is below:This mascara works very well with its unique wand that separates and lengthens the lashes. It has a solid black color. It’s also a great price! I use it every day.
  • I like this mascara as it has several positives. First of all, it's a little drier than some mascaras I've used but it makes it nice as it doesn't clump on my eyelashes. It goes on well and it stays on without smearing all over my eyes. The price is great for a tube of mascara.This mascara has an unusual applicator that I wasn't sure about at first. It is round with a fine tip. After a learning curve, it makes it easier to focus on different areas of the lashes and sculpt them better than a regular brush.The biggest reason I didn't give this a five star review is that it's not as good on my sensitive eyes as some of the mascaras I've used. It doesn't make my eyes red but it does bother them just a bit.
  • For a cheaper priced mascara this product isn't too bad, but just know that this mascara does not really add fullness or thickness.The mascara basically covers your existing eyelashes for a more natural look, which is fine for me.The only real issue I have is the super tiny brush head.It makes applying this mascara take twice as long.Of course the tiny brush is probably what also keeps it from csoting the lashes too thick.The mascara itself seems like most drugstore types.It stays on most of the day and will run/smear if it gets wet.Definitely not waterproof, but it washes off easy.
  • With most mascaras I've always had issues hitting the inner lashes and the outer corner of my left eye. Oddly specific, I know. Annoying, too. But with this weird little ball brush I am able to target every area of my lash line, covering every hair, and without smudging my lids. It seems to dry quickly, too, which is great because that also cuts down on the transfer. I'm in my 50's and heavyset, which means my eyes are starting to droop but that isn't a problem for this. The ball really does give you more control. An added bonus - it's comparatively inexpensive right now (less than $5) so yeah, I recommend it.
  • Easy to apply to the crease to give the flare out of the edge lashes. True black color.
  • nice mascara for those who have deep eyes, like me, it's easy to use and easy to remove. I recomended.
  • I ordered this mascara for my wife and she was mostly happy with it noting:- The mascara wand is different from those she's used in the past making it easy to apply mascara to upper lashes, but a little more difficult than typical for lower lashes. "Minus one star!" she declared.- No clumping.- No flaking during the day.
  • The brush is really unique and it did get into corners well. The bottle is really beautiful with a big pink gem on the cap. The mascara formula though Is very dry right out of the tube. It didn't cause any flaking though, but the application took a few coats.
  • I have never used this type of wand before and felt there has definitely a slight learning curve as to how to best apply it if using it for all over coverage - so far it has taken me more time to apply to vs. mascara with the average wand.How this best seems to work for me, is to pair it with another mascara by applying after I’ve applied a thin layer of another mascara first. Then, I’ve been using this mascara to fill and shape throughout + the outer corners of my lashes which achieves a little more volume and definitely helps control any clumping that the other mascara tends to do. While I would not describe it as clumpy or thick, it doesn’t flow out of the tube onto the brush fluidly for me as others do.As far as longevity goes both on its own and when paired with another, it has lasted roughly 8-10 hrs during the day for me before it could use a quick touch up. This for me is plenty of time to say that I am really pleased about this for day to day wear.It is worth noting for consideration that I live at higher altitude in a dry climate with hardly any humidity, so I can’t speak mascara to how it holds up when wearing in a humid or warm environment.
  • Different then any mascara I have ever used.It is a round ball at the tip. Surprisingly it works well. It lengthened my lashes considerably. Stayed on all day. An awesome value!
  • I'm pretty impressed with this mascara. The wand is interesting, I've never used a mascara with this type. I love that it's small, because I felt like it gave me more control on how to shape my lashes. In the picture, I put the mascara on one eye, and my other eye has nothing.The difference is great. Let me add that this is just after one coat, so if I'm going out, I'll put 2 to get more of a dramatic look.
  • I felt the color and consistency of this mascara was pretty much standard and what you would expect in a black mascara. I feel that the thing that sets this mascara apart from other brands is the unique styling of the mascara brush. This brush has a circular tip that gives you a lot of control in applying the mascara to your lashes. If you have trouble areas in and around your lash line, this brush will help hide those trouble areas and even out any areas that you need to fill in a little bit more or accentuate with extra mascara. I like to put extra mascara on the outside corners of my lashes and have that be more of a focal point. This brush will help you do that.I feel that you’ll be very happy with this product
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  • SCULPTING MASCARA: Black Radiance Eye Appeal Lash Sculptor Mascara features a distinct sculpting brush that not only allows for customized lash looks, but also sculpts eyes to perfection
  • ALL EYES ON YOU: Whether you're going natural or dramatic, our mascara's rich formula & unique brush ensures each lash is grabbed & coated from root to tip, giving your eyes whatever look you dare
  • LOVE YOUR SHADE: For more than two decades, Black Radiance has pursued its vision to be the #1 trusted expert & resource for black beauty We have a wide range of cosmetics for darker skin tones
  • EMPOWERED BEAUTY: Black Radiance combines high style with the latest technology, offering exclusively formulated foundations, concealers, highlighters, eye & lip colors for a diverse range of skin tones
  • BLACK BEAUTY MATTERS: We enable women of color around the world to be even more beautiful Black Radiance highlights the strength & beauty of today’s black women with a portfolio of luxurious, affordable cosmetics
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