Ardell Lash Accent Pair 318 (Pack of 4) - REVIEW

  • I love these accent lashes gives me a natural cat eye!! Great value and I reuse at least two or three times bur clean with a bit of alcohol after every use
  • Look natural with a boost to the outer half of eye. Doesn’t make you look like a giraffe. 😊
  • perfect for smaller eyes or if someone who just wants to enhanceopen up eye.Easy to apply, comfortable.
  • I love these for every day wear to give the ends of my eyes a little pop. I use duo lash glue and put them under my lash line with a tiny bit of mascara! If you store the well they last a long time :))))
  • I love these accent lashes. I have hooded eyes so I really benefit from just the outer lashes being extended. However after wearing these 2 or 3 times the lashes straighten out and no longer curl. So the effect is lost. I have tried manually curling them which is a temporary fix. It's a shame because I would wear these daily if they kept their curl.Also I don't know if they are synthetic (the listing says human hair???) or not but maybe that is why they lose the curl. They also look terrible if you get them wet and do not improve when they dry. So don't get them wet!
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  • Half the length of strip lashes
  • Blends for a natural look
  • Fool-proof application.
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