Cabaret Lash-Lengthening Black Mascara, Perfectly Defined Lashes, Vivienne Sabó, Made in Europe, Cruelty Free - REVIEW

  • I'm 65 and have tried/used a lot of different higher end and drugstore mascaras. I don't know why but this is BY FAR the best of all I've used. My lashes are now a little sparse and short. In barely one coat, this mascara TRULY lengthens and thickens. Nothing special about the brush so it must strictly be the formula. Even towards the end of a tube, STILL no clumping. I'm on my third tube. Love it!!
  • (No mascara on left eye in photo for comparison)I stumbled upon this mascara one day and decided to give it a go. My lashes are fairly full but they are on the lighter side so I’m always looking for mascara that lengthens and defines.I think this product does a fantastic job of lengthening and defining. Full transparency don’t wear mascara everyday and I am religious about removing any makeup I do wear. But,I didn’t find it to be drying or damaging to my lashes. The mascara has come off easily for me using makeup wipes, traditional cleanser, or oil free makeup remover. I have noticed that on especially humid or hot daysthe mascara will transfer onto my upper eyelid.My only “complaint” would be that I’m not a huge fan of the rubber applicator. But that is only because I prefer a more traditional spoolie.
  • I like the color- the brush is tiny (not what I’m used to) but it works- it’s a defining mascara.
  • This is one of the only mascaras I buy. It’s consistent, doesn’t flake and has a marvelous brush which in my opinion is one of the most important things.Love that it’s vegan and cruelty free! ❤️
  • I was skeptical that this mascara would work. Oh wow it does. Love it for sure.
  • I must have received an old or defective mascara. There seems to be no mascara in the tube. None comes out on the brush at all.Update: the company contacted me & gave me a full refund. 5 stars for this company’s customer service!
  • Absolutely love this mascara, it goes on so smoothly and last a long time.I’ve ordered it at least a dozen times.
  • I've used this mascara for about 2 years now on a weekly basis. Initially, I used on both my top and bottom lashes but for the last year, I've minimized my makeup and only use it on my top lashes. It really is amazing mascara! Goes on smoothly and I usually apply 2 layers (if not 3 for extra volume) and it doesn't clump or give you the spider legs look.I did switch mascara for about a week because my skin has been horribly reactive to anything with chemicals in it. I've had to go completely natural for all my skin, hair, and makeup products. So I tried a natural mascara that a shop makes from scratch on Etsy. Unfortunately for me, that mascara burned my eyes horribly. I ended up going back to this mascara. So even with my sensitivity - this mascara doesn't burn my eyes or irritate my skin at all. And my lashes still look healthy and long as they did years ago.
  • I really liked the mascara.Eyelashes are stained and lengthened, mascara does not crumble during the day.very good product.
  • This mascara lengthens my lashes and they seem to grow when I wear it. It also does not make my lashes fall out at all. Lash loss has been a big problem with toxic mascaras and natural ones don’t do the job right. This one rocks!
  • I love this product the way it applies and lasts all day. I have purchased less expensive and more expensive products! Love this one will continue to purchase.
  • The media could not be loaded. I love it. This mascara has been tested with water. many professionals use it. Perfect value for money
  • I've tried them all! This one goes on so nicely and feels so expensive. Lashes are full, long, and separated!
  • The smaller brush provides a smoother, more natural look while still enhancing my eyelashes. I bought brown instead of black as being older, the black seems to be more dramatic than I want. I am happy with the look I get with this mascara.
  • I normally buy the usual Maybelline waterproof stuff but lately I have wanted to try something without the waterproof chemicals.I went on a hunt and this popped up. Too.a chance and I'm so glad. The brush is teeny but so effective at lifting and coating, my lashes look long and natural...not clumpy and uneven. And decent staying power without having to scrub to get off. Great product 👌
  • The mascara applies smoothly to the lashes, making them voluminous and long. It doesn't clump and lasts all day. I definitely recommend it!
  • Sometimes I see like, ads on TikTok about mascara brands, and the people in the videos have the clumpiest most wack looking mascara ever and it’s like, why would you even buy that? I don’t know who likes clumpy lashes. I’ve been using this brand for maybe three years and it’s absolutely perfect. It separates very nicely and the applicator wand doesn’t get too dirty. It also last a long time.
  • I swear the description said tubing...I see other reviewers also were under the same impression. This went on SO nicely! Very soft and realistic, but lengthing and volumizing. Thought it was the holy grail - but then I went to remove it, and it did not come off in tubes :(Every non-tubing mascara gives me raccoon eyes (grr), but if you don't have that problem then I recommend this (hence the 4 really is a pretty mascara).
  • This is one of the few mascaras I can uses due to allergies. It goes on smoothly, very little clumping, lasts all day without flaking. I wish it came in black-brown which works better with my blond coloring, but the black is not too harsh.
  • Extra smooth, stays in place, no clumping, gives you thickness and glamour. My niece recommended and now I’m sold forever.
  • I don’t have to really WORK my lashes to get the outcome I want! and it’s super lightweight! LOVE
  • I have used a lot of mascaras in my day, but the time came to change. I have eye issues, so I could not handle the occasional flaking of my stand-by "pink & green" brand. I saw a review of this brand and decided to try it. I am very impressed. It goes on smooth with no drag, and it is buildable for those times when you want extra "oompf". It is easily removed with soap and warm water and leaves little to no residue (another must have for my eye issues).
  • This product is light weight yet it does a beautiful job extending the eyelashes.My lashes look long and natural when I wear this.Easy to wash off.Doesn't smudge.I slept with this product on my lashes and there was no smudging at all!Highly recommend.
  • I originally received this mascara as of a gift from my sister. After first use I was hooked! My eyelashes are lighter at the ends and straight and I’m in my late 50s so keep that in mind with above pictures BUT. Pic 1 natural eyelashes, pic 2 with mascara on pic 3 added a little eyelash curler to turn up. Love this mascara and small brush for detail and length without being sticky, gunky or smelly. This stuff is great and I’d highly recommend. I’ve bought $50 mascaras I’ve hated. This stuff is super affordable and the best. What a find!
  • As an older,natural blonde, black mascara looks harsh on me.This brown mascara is THE BEST.I used to use an expensive designer brand.This is better.Makes lashes full and is the only brand that fills the tiny lower corner lashes.I LOVE IT!
  • This mascara truly lengthens and thickens my lashes. It’s easy to apply. Just a few strokes and you’re done!
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  • THE SECRET TO FRENCH BEAUTY. This everyday classic mascara provides DEFINED & VOLUMINOUS lashes with just one coat. Build the look for even thicker, fanned lashes.
  • CLUMP FREE & LIGHTWEIGHT for a soft, natural look. SMUDGE PROOF & LONG LASTING formula doesn’t flake or transfer. Say bonjour to length, thickness and volume that last all day!
  • EASY TO APPLY with our petite wand that coats every lash. EASY TO REMOVE with a makeup remover without damaging your lashes.
  • CRUELTY FREE: Our products are NEVER tested on animals.
  • 100% SATISFACTION AND MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. We stand behind our products with our HASSLE-FREE return policy. If you are not satisfied, please contact us directly for a full refund.
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