DHC Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection, Black, 17 oz (5g) Net wt. - REVIEW

  • My only gripe with this is that it’s not super easy to take off. It doesn’t leave any residue once removed, but it takes some effort to get off of lashes.
  • I love that this tubing mascara can give a dramatic look without feeling so heavy on my lashes like other popular tubing mascaras have in the past. No smudging whatsoever and it is super easy to remove with warm water.
  • Comes off easily in the shower. First mascara that doesn’t flake off throughout the day and cause darkness under my eyes.
  • I have this problem where my bottom lash mascara smudges badly no matter what until I found this product someone recommended. I will not be without it for that reason. Works for top lashes too and very easily comes off with soap and water but otherwise you would think its waterproof with how well it stays on! 10/10 recommend
  • I have very sensitive eyes and skin. This is fabulous. No irritation and easy to remove. It’s the best.
  • I have tried so many brands and types of mascara over the years. I have hooded eyes and always seem to get those raccoon eyes from my mascara smudging. But this mascara is the best I have found. It doesn't clump, smudge or smear and it holds the curl of my lashes. I wish I had this years ago. I really like tube mascara. I will definitely re-order.I wish it came in other colors like Dark Brown.
  • Was trying to find a mascara that would actually come off. I've used once and impressed. I followed the directions and it works as stated. I didn't have the raccoon eyes after removing it-which was great!
  • This mascara came highly recommended and I found that it wears better than many of the high end mascaras.
  • This is a great tubing mascara that comes off with warm water. I really like it as an alternative to waterproof mascara. The brush is quite small and gets all of your lashes, but too much product comes out, so you have to scrape it off on the sides before applying.
  • Perfect tubes without the clump! Lasts all day! No flaking, great coverage. Takes an extra minute to wash off because it is water resistant. My new favorite!
  • I love this little mascara. It stays on all day and is buildable if you work fast. It flakes sometimes but mostly gets me through the day until I take it off. It comes off with normal face wash in little clumps. No more raccoon eyes! I’ve tried other tubing mascaras and they don’t hold a candle to this one!
  • Love this mascara. I use it on my lower lashes. It works perfectly. It gives just enough even coverage and so easy to apply because of its skinny wand. It is the only mascara that does not smear from my lower lashes as if it were waterproof.
  • I have been using this mascara for years because it works...(like a charm). It does not clump or break off your eyelashes. It lengthens what you have without making your eyes look like you are wearing fuzzy caterpillars on your eyelids. My only complaint is that this mascara is not offered in brown/black.
  • I converted to tubing mascara a few years ago after years of unhappiness with regular mascara that either turned me into a raccoon or waterproof mascara that clumped and was impossible to remove. Tubing mascara is great! However, most of the tubing mascaras I found were hard to apply without clumping - I always had to carefully run an eyelash comb between my lashes after every swipe of mascara. This is the holy grail of tubing mascara - I can apply without the eyelash comb! It even lasts longer in hot/sweaty weather than the other tubing mascaras I've tried. (It also takes an extra couple seconds to wipe off with a hot washcloth at the end of the day, but I don't need any specialized makeup remover.) The container is small, but it always lasts me the three months that is the limit for mascara. Highly recommend!
  • This mascara is the best I have had.It does not clump up and smudge.The application is very smooth and it gives more of natural look rather than artificially creating unnatural volume.It is a little pricy for the amount you get, but I love the product.It is also water-proof and it does not run under my eyes even if I sweat, but it is easily removed with face wash.It is well worth the money!
  • Excuse the poor lighting, if you will. This is at the end of a long, 100 degree day! I have greasy eyelids and a prominent brow bone, and as you can see, not a single smudge! Keeps my lashes looking good all day, but best of all, doesn't damage them! That's why I was in the market for a new mascara in the first place, because daily wear of my old favorites was destroying my lashes. Another reviewer said she thinks it helped grow her lashes, and I agree; an area that had gotten sparse is visibly filling out again. Will buy again!
  • Truly the best mascara. Never smudges, stays on perfect even after sleeping in it, comes off super easy with just warm water. I always get the worst raccoon eyes even with other tubing mascaras like sometimes thrive or other ones but never this one. Looks perfect and separated. You do have to change tubes much more frequently than non tubing mascaras and that’s normal for most any tubing mascara.
  • I’ve been purchasing this from DHC for 25 years. It was good to see Amazon was going to ship it to me for nothing. This stuff stays on through sweat and rain and usually washes off with water you simply gently pull the tubes off your eyelashes. Apply like regular mascara it wraps your eyelashes
  • I never write reviews, but had to for this amazing mascara. It’s been a lifelong struggle looking for a mascara that truly won’t smudge. I’ve wasted a lot of money, only to always be disappointed when they’d smudge, and some were super tough to get all the way off, often using multiple remover products. However, this mascara finally did it! And, it’s really easy to remove; a quick wash with DHC’s oil face wash, and there was zero evidence of it. No using extra eye makeup remover products that can irritate my eyes. I am SO thankful to have found this. It lasts all day, doesn’t flake, and does not smudge. The wand/brush leaves a little to be desired, as it’s not very voluminous, and doesn’t seem like extra coats would build up lashes. No matter…it does exactly what it’s advertised as, really does not smudge, and I’ll be a customer for life. Thanks DHC!
  • Was looking for cheaper replacement for thrive causemetric mascara. This does make lashes look great, but it hard to get off. Sticking with thrive.
  • My fav mascara hands down. It is a tubing mascara which I love. It basically wraps around your lashes giving them volume and length but they are easy to remove with just water. They don't flake either or give me raccoon eyes.
  • I use several DHC products and am always pleased with their quality. The mascara is a little unusual. While it is water resistant, with water, you can wet your lashes, wait about a minute and lightly pull or roll it off. It comes off completely without soap or makeup remover. I find that a few coats really pump up my lashes. I've been using it for years, and it's my "go to."
  • This mascara is truly waterproof and it stays in place without smudging. Works well with contact lenses. I have purchased several tubes.
  • I like DHC products.This mascara doesn't clump or volumize your eyelashes.My lashes seem much more natural instead of thick and more unnatural looking.
  • SMudgeproof for sure and makes the lashes look wet and black.Doesn't do much for curling or volume.Will lengthen a little.This is more for an everyday classic look which I prefer.Can't take the over-lashed, over-mascared look.Makes me look old and outdated.
  • I've used it for years and also so easy to remove with warm water.A great mascara.
  • Absolutely love this mascara!!!goes on great and comes off with just soap and water. If you’re wanting a waterproof mascara, this is not the one for you. It helped my lashes grow long and healthy
  • Liked but not sure I would purchase again as they have similar items for less
  • I have super sensitive eyes that frequently tear up during the day which causes all other mascara to run down my face and by the end of the day I have racoon eyes! This mascara stays in place all day, no running and no smudging. Lasts until I take it off and I use micellus water and a super gentle cleanser and have no issues removing this mascara. Only one I buy over and over again!
  • I've finally found a mascara that doesn't smudge and give me raccoon eyes within an hour. Applies easily and cleans up very easily with warm water. 10 stars!
  • I love mascara and have tried every mascara under the sun, however my sensitive watery eyes didn't agree with most of them. Despite using a waterproof mascara I would have raccoon eyes in a matter of hours. This tube mascara was a new concept for me. I discovered it while watching a YouTube makeup tutorial. I ordered it and after my first application was hooked. It gives great volume and separation while being a lovely dark black color. I'm never using any other mascara again! The trick with removing it is a bit different from other mascaras as well. All you do is take a little bit of warm water on your fingers and wiggle them back and forth over your lashes. The mascara comes of in a breeze, then I use a cleanser to was my face and remove my eyeshadow. Would highly recommend this for sensitive, watery eyes. It doesn't give me raccoon eyes at all.
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  • Water-resistant lengthening mascara that features the best in Japanese innovation, utilizing polymer tube technology. This lengthening mascara will not flake, smear or clump.
  • You'll love how its fine-bristled, flexible wand reaches the tiniest lashes, even on the lower lash line. All day wear and water-resistant formula.
  • Japanese polymer tube technology form strong, water-resistant shields around each lash. Beeswax strengthens and solidifies.
  • Place the brush at the base of lashes and gently sweep up to the tip.
  • All day wear
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