pdc Pmel Essence Mascara base 7g x 2 including original boiling paper. - REVIEW

  • I don’t like mascara and most mascara won’t hold up my curled lashes anyway, leaving them stick straight after a few hours. But this does very well, maybe retaining 80-90% of the curl after a long day. Perhaps less if I went into water but usually I’m not in the water and just sweating a bit. Since it’s clear, no need to worry about runny mascara. It goes on a bit thick at times so I’ve got a lot of disposable mascara wands to brush through my lashes after I put on a layer of this essence. That way it’s less noticeable and the essence spreads more evenly from root to ends. I’ve been through several tubes already and they can last a long time. I use cleansing balm to help remove them as face wash tends not to remove it 100%.
  • This product absolutely works. I just opened my 4th bottle. Less is more with this product. Apply it on right after curling and let it sit for a couple min before putting on mascara. It’ll last all day!
  • I have been using it for years. keep my eye lash curl all day long.
  • For someone who has struggled with keeping curled eyelashes this product works perfectly. It keeps my lashes curled all day and is light weight. Highly recommended!
  • This stuff is like gel for your eyelashes. Curl them, then apply before applying mascara. Love this product. Can’t live without it.
  • Really does what it says. Highly recommend to those suffering for straight lashes. A must have!!!
  • I have straight Asian lashes and this product helps to hold the curl.Can be removed using waterproof mascara remover.
  • I saw a girl using this on a YouTube makeup tutorial, she had long but straight down eyelashes like me, and said this was the best to keep them up. I tried it and it's true, not only it keeps them up all day, it makes them look longer and thicker, just apply after curling the eyelashes, before the mascara. It was easy to remove with a makeup remover (I use waterproof mascara and a makeup remover for that).
  • This is the only product that helps my lashes stay curled all day! I swear by this product. Doesn’t make your eyelashes clumpy or anything it’s perfect. Also adds length and volume to your lashes!
  • Curl my lashes and once I have them to the right curl, I lightly coat my lashes with this before applying mascara. This is the only thing that has worked to keep my curl all day!
  • So I applied this prior to applying my mascara, which is the KISSME heroine one I believe and it held my lashes even before the mascara. I’m so happy I could finally get this and the results are amazing!
  • I normally have trouble with my lashes stay curl. This keeps it curl all day. This is my go to for primer ❤️ before I put on my mascara.
  • Love this product. My eye lashes never stayed curl up with any product. But this product is the best.
  • Looks like I have false lashes. No smudging or flaking and gives tons of volume.
  • I would recommend this product to anyone! It lengthens and creates volume without clumping. I have very light colored eyelashes that are quite straight, this products gives you lift without your lashes clumping together. I have tried MANY brands here on Amazon and this is the very best for me. I will never not be without this! A very satisfied customer.
  • This is the perfectsuper waterproof translucent mascara. In love! ♥️ just curl your lashes and apply it and it will keep your lashes high to the Gods for hours and hours! I mean this really works,also very good as a primer before applying a Non waterproof mascara, (which normally when applied after curling lashed, it brings them down) with this, that won't happen.Problem solved.
  • literally the best primer i have ever used, it is waterproof and you have to wait until it dries to apply mascara. it only takes like a mini ute tho but it holds and makes your curl stay up. i love it
  • I’ve been using this product for years. It’s amazing! It keep your lashes curled all day, and helps your mascara to be less flakey and smudged throughout the day!!
  • It truly is a miracle product. Lifts the lashes and locks into place. A little goes a long way so just be careful.
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  • pdc Pmel Essence Mascara base 7g x 2 including original boiling paper
  • pmel essence mascara base
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