essence | What the Fake! Volumizing & Lengthening Fiber Mascara | Paraben Free | Cruelty Free (Pack of 1) - REVIEW

  • The essence What the Fake! is my go-to mascara!!I have long, but thin lashes, and this mascara bring out the volume.It is super easy to remove with a microfiber cloth or any facial cleansing cloth.I've tried other brands that ran around $45 for a tube and I always come back to this.Do yourself a favor and try it!!
  • I was a huge Last Princess fan for years. Until, on a whim, decided to try this. Wow. Length and volume and it just keeps building.I still love my lash princess but this is one to try!
  • I used IT mascara for years and swore by it, but this does the job well
  • Love this! For years I used lancome worth the price imo.Then on a whim I tried this. Fabulous very affordable really great mascara at any price
  • I actually loved this mascara, it would last a lot during the day and the price was great
  • This was purchased after reading a fabulous review on it.I have purchased it (on subscription) for at least a year now, and I have not been disappointed in any of them.Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
  • I love this! Makes you’re lashes feathery and soft and lasts all day. Will definitely buy again.
  • I feel silly even saying this but my nieces use this mascara. They're 40 years younger than me. I couldn't believe how much I really like it. Can't beat the price. I only bought the black of course as I can no longer get away with colors but my nieces swear by all the different kinds including the colored ones.
  • I got these by recommendation and I'm thrilled. Great volume, easy to remove and a lot cheaper than its pricier alternatives!
  • When I put this on it made my lashes pop and made them look so much more natural
  • Love this mascara; so glad I found it.I am never buying expensive mascara again.i don't have great long, thick lashes & this works just fine for me! I have sensitive eyes & it doesn't bother me, easy to remove after wearing & last pretty long after opening.
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  • False eyelashes or eyelash extensions? With the successor to the successful ‘I need a miracle volumising and strenuous mascara’ is elaborate gluing of fake lashes or long procedures in the cosmetic studio superfluous
  • Fake lashes effect: Thanks to special nylon fibres, the eyelashes are stunningly long and voluminous; The almond-shaped, ergonomically-shaped fibre brush reaches all lashes in just two strokes; The mascara provides an instant, colour-intensive result
  • No perfume, oil-free, alcohol-free, parabens, nanoparticles-free, acetone
  • We say no to animal testing; cosnova is listed internationally with essence and Catrice both at PETA Germany and PETA
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