Lilac St - 12mm Lashes - Soft, Natural Look - Lightweight & Reusable - Vegan & Cruelty Free - REVIEW

  • Bye Bye lash tech I am doing them myself!These last almost 2 weeks and I swim and shower in them!just get the glue from them as well
  • I am totally blown away by this product. I have bought Lashify and ProLash expensive lash systems to use on my lashes after having lash extensions removed. As you know, anybody that has had them removed its a very long process to have your lashes grow back out. I do a lot of events and I like to have my lashes look natural. I finally decided to try well LilaStreet which was supposed to be very comparable. I spent 50% less and for $100 I got a lot of products them their page, the starter kit, lash pad, and extra original lashes. in the starter kit I chose the original sizes of 10, 12, and 14 mm. I also purchased individual extras for 8, 10, and 12 mm so I could figure out the look that worked best for took about two weeks to get my lashes from Lilac Street which was really a bummer so I used falscara lashes i had on hand for events then took them off the next day.I put these Lilac orginallashes on this past Thursday and its Sunday. 10mm in outer and inner part of the eye and 12mm in the middle - 10 mm, 12 mm, 12 mm, and 10 mm. I am a heavy side right sleeper I’ve only had the end of my right eye come off in 3 days. There is absolutely no stickyness left over after the clear coats dry. I have used Lashify and Prolash and the next day when I woke up they either fell off or would be stuck under the bottom of my eye. not cute if you have a partner or husband in the waking up that way !!! in addition, my eyelashes always felt very sticky with the other products even the next day. to wake up the last three mornings, without them being stuck underneath my eyes has been refreshing and exciting to see!!!iI like to be natural and don’t wear a lot of make up. I don’t also like to have bushy eyelashes that’s just not for me. so I am a reordering my fav lashes and sizes on Amazon for a backup to have faster and for vacation.
  • Love these lashes!! I use both the 10mm and 12mm Lilac St. Originals on my eyes and I have been SO impressed! This is my 6th time using these sets *see pic*. They wash well and bounce back which impressed me for the price. I did splurge, however on the lash glue and bond from a well-known company and so these will last me about 5-7 days with no issues at all. I do have trouble keeping the lashes on when I shower (and my eyes get wet) so I wear goggles now, but I do take them off after about 4-5 days anyway because even when I try and clean them on my eyes, they still get dirty from makeup nd I want to keep that area clean. I love how they look and they are SO much more inexpensive than professional lashes. And in my opinion, look just as good!!
  • These are seriously the best. Lightweight, natural looking and they are super affordable. Highly suggest these. They are also really easy to put on. They come in little sections and you put a section on at a time. Buy glue because this pack doesn’t come with any.
  • I used to get professional lash extensions and it was so expensive, and I started doing my own with individuals and fans but it’s just so time consuming. These are THE BEST lashes.I have tried soo many lashes. I wear two segments of 10mm on the inside corners, then 12mm for the rest to get a more cat/squirrel eye effect.I have had wedding make up artists compliment them and start using this brandThese look so natural, and are so light and comfortable. They are easy to apply above or below the lash. They don’t have a bulky bottom base and look so good on that I feel I still get the natural look of extensions. The lash segments are short enough you won’t need to cut them to get a natural eye shape. (Longer segments don’t curve with the eye and look bad on me).These are far above and beyond flutterhabit, falscara, ardell, drug store, or Sephora/ultra.They also last, I use Emeda super strong glue and they last 10-14 days easy even with super hot steamy showers and sleeping on my face. I have worn the same set several times, 3+, I just clean them before reapplying, by soaking in isopropyl alcohol for a bit to remove glue reside and then with my eye makeup remover to wash them off more just for peace of mind.
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  • ORIGINAL LASHES - Think natural, but better. Perfectly curled and fluffy, our Original Lashes are sure to impress. They’re subtle and a little shy, but definitely noticeable.
  • NATURAL LOOK - Whether you’re a glam guru or a beauty beginner, these false lashes will help you achieve the ultimate natural look. With soft, individual clusters and a lightweight cotton band, you’ll forget you’re wearing false lashes!
  • LONG-LASTING & REUSABLE - Simply glue, apply, and fuse for gorgeous, easy results. Unlike thick magnetic strips, our lashes blend seamlessly on the eye. Once applied, these lashes will l
  • MULTIPLE LENGTHS - These lashes come in 10, 12, or 14 mm so you can find your perfect fit. Get salon-quality lashes, without the salon price.
  • ULTIMATE LASH ROUTINE - To complete your false eyelash routine, pair your Original Lashes with our Lilac Lash Glue and the Lilac Lash Applicator (both sold separately).
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