Honest Beauty 2-in-1 Extreme Volume Clean Mascara + Bold Lash Primer with Castor Oil | Maximum Volume + Curl | Vegan + Cruelty Free | Black, .27 fl oz - REVIEW

  • Love this mascara. It makes my lashes so full and fluffy. The only thing is I do not notice a difference when using the primer so would prefer more mascara and no primer. The bottle of the actual mascara is pretty small due to the primer being on the other end. So it doesn’t last as long as other mascaras. But overall, it’s a great product
  • I've been trying to switch over my makeup to more clean options. I've bought this one a few times because it's clean, a good pricepoint and works well. There are other mascaras that I believe are more effective with eyelash volume but not enough to make me want to use products that are more toxic. I've been an Honest brand fan for a while now and have been very happy overall with their products.
  • I really love the blue primer, but don’t love the wand on the mascara side. I feel like it takes a lot of swipes to cover all my lashes. I’ve used the white bottle with the white primer before and while I like the blue primer better I like the white bottles wand more.
  • While it’s not eye catching, it stays on and is unscented. Great choice if you want to remove toxic cosmetics from your routine.
  • This mascara is one of only two brands that I can wear for about 5 hours without my eyes becoming irritated. The other brand is Well People and that mascara clumps miserably in the tube within a few uses so don't bother with that one at all. I wish I could find a brand that would get me an entires day use, but this is better than none at all.
  • I've bought 5 mascaras trying to find the best natural ingredients that can also help promote growth while my lashes were recovering from damage. This was the best one I found. It does feel like there isn't much product in the mascara tube. I feel like I had to do 3 coats to get enough on my lashes. I might stick to this one for a long time unless I find something better. I liked that there is castor oil in the primer. I loved that it didn't smudge while I was crying at work. I also loved that it is easy to remove with just soap and water in the shower.
  • This mascara is amazing. The results are better than anything I’ve used before and I’ve tried all the brands at Sephora. The primer is blue which was a little different but still works. Both this one and their lengthening mascara are definitely faves of mine
  • I like this one better than the regular lengthening one. I actually use the blue side on one eye then the next, and then i do it one more time, wait like 10 seconds then use the mascara, make sure to apply proper pressure, and wiggle the wand slightly side to side and up in order for your lashes to look thick and long. I didn't find this product very clumpy or too thin which was great. It's just right. And yes the mascara wand is big and thick, but not enough to sit and whine about. honestly I like how big the wand is, it felt like in was able to get more coverage with it.
  • I have tried literally over 20 different mascaras the past two years. Ihave incredibly sensitive eyes and suffer from meibomian gland dysfunction. I tried honest beauty’s other mascara and my eyes were still irritated. This mascara is so volumizing and does not irritate my eyes! I’m so excited I finally found a great mascara that works for me!!!
  • I thought the purple stuff was a gimmick but…it seems to work. I don’t spend a lot of time with the purple, but it seems to make getting the real mascara on much faster, easier and more evenly. Who’d a thunk?And it’s nontoxic!
  • This is still the best mascara I’ve found that has more natural ingredients, and lasts all day.I wish the primer lasted as long as the mascara itself, but that’s my only complaint; otherwise I love it.
  • I’ve been looking for clean makeup products, and this mascara checks the box. I religiously used sky high mascara, but was missing volume.This Honest mascara gives volume and pigment and length.I recommend this product
  • The first time I used it wasn’t sure about it but the second time I was in love. It really gives your lashes length and volume. Mascara is my one makeup everyday wear and I would use this again.
  • I absolutely love this mascara! I feel like it is similar to another less-clean drugstore brand I used to buy. No flakes, stays on, easy to apply, and enhances perfectly. I don't even use the blue primer. It's nice, but it's 1 more step I don't think I need. So glad I took a chance on this. I almost didn't because of the mixed reviews. I've tried the Honest lengthening mascara too, but didn't love that one like I do this one. I like the wooly brush on this one better, and I tend to go for volume over length personally.
  • Good stuff.Just wish the purple primer was a larger amount.Also non irritating to eyelids.A breath of fresh air from mass produced high chemical brands like C and M.
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  • Innovative, dual-ended, Clean Mascara + Primer designed for maximum volume, curl, + all-day wear without smudging or clumping so you can let your lashes do the talking; Made for all lash types, including sensitive eyes + contact lens wearers
  • Built-in blue primer deposits 3 lengths of natural fiber + amplifies color to deliver the truest, richest, blackest black
  • Thin primer brush separates and coats every lash in blue pigment, while the extra fluffy mascara brush creates thicker-looking lashes from root to tip for a dramatic end result
  • Vegan Formula Made With: nourishing castor oil, 3 lengths of natural fibers, naturally-derived film formers, & plant-based waxes; Cruelty Free
  • Made Without: Parabens, Paraffins, Silicones, Mineral Oil, Acrylates, PMMA, PEGs, Talc, Formaldehyde
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