Eylure Naturals No. 020 Reusable Eyelashes, Adhesive Included, Black, 3 Pairs - REVIEW

  • These eyelashes look very natural.They are curved and easy to apply.Others I have tried are straight and no curve and very hard to apply to my eyes.
  • I love when I wear false eyelashes, but I cannot put them in without making a mess. User error? But if someone else puts them on I'd use these. Lightweight, doesn't look like a spider landed on my face.
  • I used these eyelashes when I went to a high school reunion a few months ago.They were so natural looking and they made my eyes look much better than just having my natural eyelashes.The glue was easy to use and no one could tell they were not my own eyelashes.I have decided I will use them any time I go out to a social event.
  • My first artificial lashes....got it right the first time:easy to remove with q tip and olive oil on the glue,follow with q tip and rubbing alcohol. Very natural.Will order again!
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  • NATURAL VOLUME: add natural-looking length & lightweight fullness to lashes
  • PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS: light and easy to apply while adding noticeable flair to lashes
  • UNIQUE EYLURE CURVE: Eylure lashes are designed to hug the eye for easy application and comfy feel
  • NO MASCARA NEEDED: thin band and subtle fullness add definition to your lash line so you don’t need mascara
  • REUSABLE UP TO 5 WEARS: enjoy your elevated lashes every day and on special occasions
  • LONG-LASTING & LATEX-FREE: our latex-free lash glue lasts up to 18 hours for long nights out
  • PRO-TIP: for best results, use the center of the eye as a guide when applying your lashes
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