FREEORR 4 in1 Eyebrow Contour & Highlight Pen, Brow Contour Defining Highlighting Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil, Eye Makeup Beauty Tool Long Lasting (1#Blonde) - REVIEW

  • I love the four different colors. Each color is a thin colored clay-like pencil that is easily applied. I use two of the darker colors for my brows and the lighter colors use for correction and highlighting. Even my dog loved it because she found it and chewed the heck out of it. Fortunately I was able to salvage the little pencils inside and can still use. I would order this again.
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  • ※1. 4 color all-in-one pen : An eyebrow pencil is equivalent to 4 ordinary eyebrow pencils. Suitable for being the eyebrow pen. This self-sharpening eyebrow pencil gives precise lines to every faith.
  • ※2. Special design of the head : you can easily extract the tip of the pen of the desired color by pressing the head. Smooth and smooth texture can apply evenly on the skin. Naturally clear and does not hurt the skin.Note:The design of the specially made rotating pen container causes the pencil core of this eyebrow pencil to be thin. Please twist the pen core to a proper length to avoid breakage due to excessive force.
  • ※3. This multi-tasking brow pencil features a lighter brow shade, deeper brow shade, edge definer and arch highlighter to create clean, shaped brows with depth & dimension.Note: When you need to switch the color, please press the front color back before adjusting the next color.
  • ※4. Portable size : compact and practical , easy to carry. Helps you add makeup anytime, anywhere to show your personal style.
  • ※5. There are four colors for an eyebrow pencil .The sharper color is used to draw the contour of the eyebrows and initially fill the eyebrows. Deeper color is the darkest color, used to fill the end of the eyebrows and further fill the eyebrows. The concealer color is used to modify the eyebrow shape and make the contour more three-dimensional. The highlighter color is used to brighten the eyebrows and make the eyebrows more natural.
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