GIVERNY Milchak Sensitive Mascara #Black - Smudge Proof Voluminous Mascara with Microfiber Brush, Waterproof Lengthening & Thickening Mascara for a Long-lasting Eye Makeup, 0.1 fl.oz. - REVIEW

  • It will not smudge I cannot believe it! I do not have “black eyes” when I get home from work. I can laugh all I want to and not worry about what I’m gonna look like because my bottom lashes will not smudge! Now this mascara won’t make your lashes look like artificial lashes. But they will look very natural and look that way all day and all night. That’s what I like. I highly recommend this mascara.
  • I was really really impressed with this mascara and think it may be my new ride or die. It holds the curl in my eyelashes and doesn't smudge, which is typically a huge problem for me. It doesn't clump, but it does take quite a few swipes to build up.
  • I love this mascara!I have sparse lashes due to chemo years ago and my age (64).This tiny brush lets me accentuate and lengthen every lash that I do have with NO CLUMPING!My lashes look better than they have in years.Not sure how long the mascara will last, but however long it is, I'll be buying it again.
  • I’m a redhead and my eyelashes are basically white. This mascara looks unbelievably natural. Just wish you had waterproof. If you do, I can’t find it. Bummer
  • I am 68 and needed mascara that wasn't clumpy. I knew a thin brush would work perfectly. Thank you!
  • I love this mascara! It doesn't flake, it stays put in the pool, and it doesn't aggravate my sensitive eyes!
  • I do post some reviews on products that I purchase if asked but I will rarely if ever post a review without being asked to. This is the best mascara I have ever used and I am 73 years old. My lashes are thin and not super long and most mascaras I try clump andlook smeared. This mascara goes on like butter and makes my lashes look much longer. I bought the sensitive version and it works great. I don't think anyone would be disappointed by trying this product. I am going to re-order and take a look at some of their other products as well, because if they are as good as this one, they will be fantastic.
  • I love the tiny brush that comes with this mascara.It really helps separate the lashes, making them look fuller.Doesn't flake off during the day and easy to remove.Will for sure be buying more.
  • I love the brush, wish there was more of the mascara though. I did subscribe!
  • Great lash separator wand and good coverage on the first pass, two coats gives me the Big lash look I strive for when I am wearing black mascara, good quality!!!Thank you!!!
  • It separates + lengthen my lashes very well! The best mascara ever!!!!! 10000 times better than high ends mascaras I’ve used before! I love love love this item!!!!
  • It coats each individual eyelash without clumping!That’s a first for me!If I give it a few minutes and then put on a second coat, my eyelashes really pop!Great mascara.Highly recommend.
  • This mascara applies nicely and has no unpleasant odors.It separates lashes nicely and make them distinct and bold.It lasts all day and washes off easily and completely.It has caused no issues with skin irritation or rashes.All in all... great mascara.
  • I'm always eager to try new mascaras, as the one I love tends to run a bit on the expensive side.This looks pretty typical from the product pics.It's a bit different IRL.For starters, the tube is very skinny, and the product is in the smaller part of the container.You're not getting a lot of product.The brush is really skinny - more like a stick with some teeth on it.I was pretty skeptical when I first tried it.It goes on fairly well, and the stick-brush actually helps separate the lashes.That said, it doesn't work as well on your lashes when putting on a second coat of mascara - something I invariably do.I almost wish this was a double-edged tube, with the stick brush for the first coat and a more typical brush on the other half.
  • Super skinny brush doesn’t glop and offers complete control. I’m older and don’t want a heavy look. I do want it to draw out what I have and enhance it tastefully. My new staple.
  • I am already on my second mascara. I love the ultra thin, mascara brush. It allows me to hit every eyelash I have without getting cakey and stick together. I got black waterproof, and the waterproof held up very well, but still came off with make up remover after work, it really length and my eyelashes and I got lots of compliments
  • This mascara deserves a 5 star rating. It does not smudge or run. I am not allergic to it. It is very long lasting!It has been an excellent mascara for me:)
  • This is a lightweight mascara and perfect for days when I want to add a little length and definition. The tiny brush makes it easy to define the lashes using only a small amount of mascara.The mascara stays put all day and is easy to remove. It melts off with very little scrubbing. I use a little micellar water on a cotton pad or a facial cleansing cloth. I have sensitive eyes and wear contact lenses and experienced no irritation.
  • I wish I had it sooner. I love tiny size mascara! It is so easy to apply on top and down. It is not super super waterproof but it is good for daily look.
  • So impressive for such a small fine brush. No clumping, smearing, or smudging. I am completely impressed. Great value for great results!
  • I am not much of a makeup wearer, and I do not use it very often, but I was in need of some new and fresh mascara, so I ordered this. I have gotten rusty in the application department. (It doesn't help that I am extremely farsighted.) So the areas where I missed, and got my lids instead, cleaned off very easily while it was still wet. I do not like the look of overdone lashes, and on first application this put on enough to darken and lengthen the lashes, but still keep them looking very natural. I opted for a second coat, which I probably did not need, and they did get a little thicker, but also started to clump and stick to each other a little. This dries slow, but solid, so separating lashes, if desired, needs to happen very quickly before it dries. I think this covered my lashes top and bottom very well. Then, I did the ultimate test... I was too tired in the evening to wash it off, and I went to bed with it on, figuring I would deal with it when I woke up in the morning... well, to my surprise it did not smudge, not at all! Wow! I was almost afraid it wouldn't wash off without a lot of effort, but, it washed off very easily. I used a pre moistened makeup/face wash cloth, and some light oil based remover, and it came right off... package even just suggests using only warm water. I think the next time I try this I will get better about applying it.
  • This mascara is unlike any others I have used before. The wand is very small and fine, which is not what I was expecting. Most of the wands I have used over the years are large and fat. It took a bit of adjusting to get used to how to apply my mascara with a different wand, and I do think I prefer a bigger wand. However, I have found that there is less waste, as I have to be more precise when applying it.It does look good when on my eyelashes, and it does not clump like others can. It makes for a very even application, as long as I run the fine wand over all of my lashes, and it is not irritating to my sensitive skin and eyes. I like the black color.As in the description, it is waterproof in the fact that, when wearing it in a rainstorm, it did not come off. However, when I rinsed it off in the shower, it came off with no issues. This is just what I want!Overall, this is a decent mascara of good quality, and if you are one who likes a fine wand, I would recommend giving it a try.
  • I picked this up for my mom, who loves it! She says that the thin applicator works very well, and that the mascara doesn't clump at all. Goes on quick and easy!
  • This mascara is so pretty! It is a sensitive formula that is perfect if you have sensitive skin or eyes that don’t tolerate mascara easily. My very sensitive skin really likes this mascara.The brush is very slim and tiny, and it helps get the mascara close to the lash line, which almost makes it look like you are wearing a fine line of black eyeliner in addition to the mascara on your lashes. It’s such a perfect, nice, put together look! The brush also does a good job of separating each lash and adding the right amount of color to the lashes, creating fine detail. The lashes end up looking naturally colored and have no clumps or heaviness to them. There is also no flaking. It’s just a light coat of mascara that looks beautiful.I am so happy with this mascara and will be looking to see if it also comes in other colors because I want to get any other colors in addition to the black. This is soooo pretty! Definitely five stars ⭐️ and beyond. Gorgeous and I highly recommend.
  • GIVERNY Milchak Sensitive Mascara 2.5mm (Black, 2020 Edition) is one of the best mascaras I've tried in a long time, and I've tried several mascaras this year that I've LOVED.Why do I love this one so much?It has one of those tiny wands; it looks nearly stick-like in its tininess.But the miniscule grooves in its wand do a lovely job of separating my long lashes, and giving them boost and lift that add a gorgeous length, and then moistening them with enough mascara to allow their natural length to show off.Not only that, but the tiny wand allows me to reach the wand to all of my lashes (!) and touch basically all of them, allowing all of my lashes to sport mascara, even the tiny, hard-to-reach lashes.This is mascara that won't budge, but is easy to wipe off with makeup remover.It doesn't travel down my face, and remains curled and lovely all day long.It's spectacular.Highly recommended.
  • This mascara has a very tiny, comb wand. If you are used to big, thick brush wands it will take some practice to get used to this comb but once you do -you will love it. It is perfect for applying a 'no makeup makeup' look. It works really well on those bottom lashes really well. I've also applied this on my top lashes first, let it dry then applied a 2nd coat of a thicker mascara. The second coat went on smoother and looks amazing.
  • I was impressed with the brush and formula of this mascara.It’s somewhat of a thin formula, but in no way messy.It enhanced my lashes, but did not add thickness or much length.It’s just a good mascara for simple enhancing.I would not recommend for short and sparse lashes.
  • I have crappy short eyelashes and I'm always looking for something that looks and works better. I love this mascara it's the first time using a applicator this slender. I can get to each lash really good with this one but I do need a comb separator while using it (I do with all mascara). This gives my lashes a fuller and longer length and doesn't feel clumpy or harsh I forget I'm wearing any mascara with this one. I'm not sure how those with nice full lashes would do but I'll bet it would work really well.
  • I don't use a lot of makeup, but I knew my eye lashes needed a little boost.This is the perfect mascara for me.The brush is small and delicate and evenly coated my eye lashes.There was no clumping, and it lasted for hours until I took it off.
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  • SENSITIVE MASCARA FOR A SENSATIONAL LOOK: Giverny Milchak sensitive mascara features an exclusive microfiber brush to give your eyes a spectacular and outgoing appearance. This mascara black volume and length add 'The' look without clumping and flaking.
  • VOLUMIZING & LENGHTNENING MASCARA: No eye look is complete without mascara. Giverny helps you achieve a consistent lash as your eyelashes. The clump-free mascara gives your lashes a smooth and voluminous look by lifting & separating them to create a fuller-looking lash line.
  • ULTRA SLIM AND DELICATE BRUSH: Our lengthening mascara is equipped with an ultra-thin brush that wraps each lash in an ultra-conditioning, volume-boosting, lengthening, and deep color for your strongest thickest, most defined results.
  • WATERPROOF & LONG-LASTING LASH MASCARA: Giverny smudge-proof mascara is formed using a waterproof formula that keeps your eyelashes stay gorgeously long, thick, and voluminous all day in any weather condition. Say shalom to length, thickness, and volume that last all day!
  • EASY TO APPLY AND REMOVE: Apply the mascara at the base of your eyelashes and through the tips. Apply additional coats for more tense and volumizing results and create your signature look! You can wash the mascara using warm water or with a makeup remover or cleanser.
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