Kjaer Weis Im-Possible Mascara Black with Organic Ingredients for Long Lasting Wear. Volumizing Black Volume and Length Hypoallergenic Mascara for Sensitive Eyes. Cruelty Free Clean Mascara - REVIEW

  • This is my first try with Kjaer Weis brand. I was excited about trying something new. This mascara which runs about $30 on Amazon, is nice but I’m not sure if it is $30 nice. The packaging is nice - it comes in a sturdy cardboard box. The container is very small, in a silver cylinder. There is a nice brush that separates the lashes. The brush is easy to use and hold. The mascara is dark and does not clump. The changes I noticed were subtle. I could barely tell I was wearing it. It more darkened than thickened my lashes. Once applied, this product was easy to remove. I could rub my eyes and did not notice it smearing. One good thing about his product is that it is everything - mostly everything free (silicon, paraben). It was cruelty free, so no animals were hurt during the testing. It is also organic. To name a few of the ingredients or oils used - rosemary, sunflower, coconut, almond seed, sweet almond and rosehip seed. But does that really justify a $30 price tag? I’m not sure, but will continue to use this product and update this review if needed.
  • Love the deep black color and simple wand that puts on enough color without clumping.Lasts all day and removed easily.
  • There is so much to love about this mascara. It is cruelty free & organic and the container can be recycled. The product itself glided smoothly on my lashes and there was no clumping at all. The mascara was long lasting and did not smudge or flake around my eyes. I could definitely see the difference in the appearance of my lashes after using this mascara. Overall, it performed very well and I am quite pleased.
  • This is a mini tube of mascara. Good color. Seems to be good conditioning for the lashes.
  • This mascara comes packaged in a pretty red box, and looks like a high end mascara. The applicator wand has tightly packed bristles that separate the lashes and allow them to be evenly coated with mascara. The ingredients are healthier for your lashes than many mascara on the market and won’t leave your lashes broken which is a huge plus.
  • I love the KW brand, but unsure how to review this mascara, since I received the KW Invisible Touch Concealer by mistake - but I have it be honest - I’m actually excited to try this! 🙄 Ok - will update!
  • To me, this is a great mascara, keeping in mind that different people want different things from their mascara.What do I like about it--that you might not?It's on the dry side, which I like; I really dislike wet goopy (to me, messy) mascara.It means you end up with more natural looking lashes, not the very thick false-lash look.There is a good bit of volume and length, but this doesn't try to maximize volume and length.(Too much length just sends my lashes crashing into my glasses.)If the first coat isn't dramatic enough, this is pretty buildable so you can add more--though it will still be on the natural side.And it goes on neatly, so adding another coat is pretty easy.But of you want really long voluminous lashes--and I do, too, sometimes--this isn't for you.I would say that of the many mascaras I've used it's closest to Nars Climax, though you get lashes a bit thicker than Nars gives you.I like the brush, too.It's on the bushy side but not too bushy, and it's straight, not curved; those curved brushes drive me nuts.It has an oval shape --flattish on one side, rounded on the other--which is fine.I don't see any huge advantage to it, butit isn't a problem, either, unlike some brushes which are too tricky for their own good.It also lasts well.I don't end up with black crumbs under my eyes by the end of the day.That is a big plus.I also have to say it is just beautifully presented.Even most high end mascaras typically come in a standard cardboard box, just a mini version of what toothpaste comes in.This comes in what looks like a jewelry box, with a top and a bottom in a heavily textured paper.The tube itself looks like red lacquer and the wand is nicely weighted, so it's really a thing of beauty.This is no reason to buy any mascara, but it certainly does enhance the experience.There is one con for me, which almost cost it a star:The handle and wand are too short.That's better than too long, but it can sometimes be awkward holding on to the short handle and maneuvering the short wand.It's sort of midway between the average mascara and a mini/travel-size tube.And of course, this is definitely on the pricey side.
  • I can say I absolutely love this mascara.I'm very particular and picky with my mascara,but this product is pure amazing and definitely exceeded all my expectations.I most definitely recommend everyone have this in their makeup collection. It goes on so well, and make my natural eyelashes look so full and beautiful.The product isn't clumpy or sticky or anything like that, it's a pure smooth application.A MUST HAVE. This mascara does stay on all day, I have to use some oil based cleaning oil to remove this product.
  • I’ve tried so many mascaras and the search may be over for the best one yet. I like the brush a lot (one side for lengthening, the other for volume). It’s easy to separate lashes and get to the corners without making myself look like a raccoon. Tip: wipe the brush on the dispenser before applying and dip brush again if you need more. This will allow for a natural look while still getting the volume and length the product promises without lumping.
  • I love the packaging of both the box and the mascara tube, it looks very high-end. The performance of this mascara is just OK. I did not see much difference in volume or curl, but did help with length a bit because it’s a formula that makes it easy to coat from root to tip because it seems a bit thinner. It’s not waterproof, and was easy to remove.
  • Pros:Comes with a nice designed boxEasy to apply and does not crumbleStays well but easy to removeCons:It does not aIt is not as volumizing as expected.Overall, I like this product since I mostly prefer natural looking makeup daily. I would use a different mascara when I put full makeup on.
  • My wife was skeptical that it would just be like any other mascara. However this mascara gave exceptional definition on her lashes and it lasted all day. Was a nice smooth look rather than the clumpy bunched together eyelash appearance that some mascaras give. It goes on really well and lasted all day with no issues. Only thing is it isn’t waterproof so plan accordingly.
  • I will start by saying that I do like this mascara. It’s a nice dark black color. It has a unique bristle brush that is shaped more kind of like an oval, where it is a little bit thinner on both ends, and a little bit thicker in the middle. That is handy for getting into the corners of your lashes. For me, when I apply this, I do tend to get mascara on my eyelid, and under my eye, which is a bit frustrating, but I do believe that’s a me problem. I also like that it’s very easy to remove, no tugging or pulling, and it doesn’t leave a bunch of weird tubes on my face either or get into my eye when I’m trying to remove it. My only issue with this mascara is that I do experience a little bit of fall out if I wear it for a full day. For me, I would say that this probably is a decent volumizing mascara. I don’t experience a lot of thickening or lengthening, but really just some fresh looking dark lashes. I think this is a good choice for a natural I look. I would not use this if I was trying to do really thick eyelashes for a dark, smoky eye. For every day wear though, I think this is a good choice.
  • I ordered this for my teen. She’s used it every day since she got it. It works well and doesn’t smudge on her face throughout the day even in the summer heat. 👍👍
  • I have hooded eyes and most mascara will smudge on my eyelid. This mascara did smudge on my eyelid early into wearing it. It did apply well and created voluminous dark lashes. If you do not have hooded eyes this mascara could be really good for you.
  • This mascara goes on nicely, but I don't notice any more volume with this one than my other drugstore mascaras. It stays on all day and is easy to remove with makeup remover.
  • This is such a nice mascara. The packaging it arrived in looks so luxurious and high end too. But the product itself is not clumpy at all and looks gorgeous and makes your lashes look great.
  • I love the wand of this mascara, it leaves my eyelashes looking nice and long! I like a thicker one so this was good. Great quality packaging, and easy to travel with.
  • I ws a little worried that I wouldn’t like this mascara, or would have trouble with flaking, based on some of the other reviews. But I have fortunately had better experiences with it and love it so far. Disclaimer: my natural lashes are not bad, so maybe I’m not the best judge of a mascara. But I also do wear glasses most days, and have had problems with smudging in many brands.The first thing I noticed was the packaging. With a luxury brand of cosmetics, you pretty much expect that it’s going to be nice, and it didn’t disappoint. I loved the way the package opened lengthwise, revealing the tube inside. The tube itself is really nice and hefty, and has a flat side, making it look like a bit of an art object on your vanity.As for the brush, it’s probably the one thing I don’t care for. It’s kind of thick and has short bristles, picking up a lot of product each time. I am already used to scraping off excess product as I pull the wand out because I find most brands are designed in a way where too much mascara comes out on the wand, so this isn’t the biggest problem in the world. I would have preferred a thinner wand with longer bristles, but that’s just my own preference.The formula is nice. It doesn’t smell weird like some mascaras do, and goes on nice and dark. It stays wet long enough for me to run a clean wand through to remove any clumps and separate my lashes, but once it’s dry, it doesn’t smudge or flake. I’m happy to say it doesn’t come off on my glasses at all, and lasts all day even when I’m sweating. I think it makes my lashes look really nice and long, and will definitely be checking out other eye makeup from this brand.
  • This mascara is nice. It doesn’t clump, and it’s easy to apply. There’s no smell and it lengthens lashes. But it does take a few coats.
  • So far, I've worn the mascara swimming & crying & it's stayed put! It applies easily and isn't clumpy. In the photo you can see my right eye lashes do appear more volumized than the left.
  • Not sure about the volume enhancing portion. I like this because it goes on smooth. Doesn't clump. Great for everyday use.More of a daytime than night club look. Probably better for moms, like me.
  • The wand on this relatively short tube of mascara is kind of like the throwback ones...Not all furry & complicated but the regular ones that have spaced hard bristles.Distributes well and separates the lash at application.I like this and no flaking during the day.easy to clean off.Tube is comfortable to hold and bright shine so can find easy in my makeup drawer!Need a black/brown preferably.
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  • A certified organic volumizing mascara.This mascara offers volume, length, definition and lift for luscious and dramatic lashes.
  • This high-impact volumizing mascara is formulated with nourishing and organic ingredients including sustainably sourced beeswax, carnauba wax, and acacia gum to give it the no-clump, creamy texture and hold, while raspberry fruit water helps condition.
  • Refillable, sustainable Red Iconic case made from 50% recycled plastic and infinitely recyclable aluminum - perfect for the first purchase. You can come back and purchase our refill over and over to join our #RefillRevolution and continue to give back and honor Mother Earth.
  • Application: start with the curved side facing towards the user, and coat lashes from the base to create volume. Turn to the flat side and use the formula play time to extend lashes (specially in the outer corners), separate and add extra lift to the tips. For bottom lashes, use the flat side.
  • item form: Liquid
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