LAURA GELLER Always There Waterproof Lengthening Mascara in Black | Long-Lasting Mascara for Volume and Length - REVIEW

  • Waterproof formulas hold shape better than regular formulas but I don’t like doing that to my lashes all the time (they also always transfer to my brow bone bc oily skin) so this has been a miracle!Upon first use, I can tell it doesn't have the volumizing properties of some mascaras, but that's alright by me and my "too much" gene that leads to clumpy disasters. It layers quite nicely and adds subtle, but acceptable length. Upon removal in the shower, it tends to flake into little pieces without minimal raccoon eye. With a light hand,it honestly applies really nice on the first coat, adding volume to the roots, and feathering out the tips nicely. I usually swipe it on a few times to build up volume and length, and to also get the inner lashes. With some formulas I find you need to be weary of how many swipes you do before it just turns into clump city, but with this one, it applies such delicate layers that you don't have to worry.
  • I’ve heard good things about Laura Geller cosmetics but hadn’t tried until now. This mascara set comes with a regular and a waterproof version. They are the same color, same type applicator wand, same consistency. Throughout use, I applied the regular to my left eye and waterproof to the right to compare.The left lashes looked longer but not by much. Both formulas went on easily. There was some clumping but nothing that couldn’t be corrected. During the day, I rubbed my eyes accidentally and both smeared as expected. The left side had more particle fall out whereas the right was more smudgey. The right lasted longer which makes sense. Both came off well with micellar water.I like the wand mainly because it did a great job extending lash length and even got the small lashes. I slept one night without removing and the morning wasn’t disastrous like with a raccoon look. The scent is minimal and I experienced no irritation. I would just prefer less fallout through out wear.
  • Of the two mascaras, I have to say the waterproof is my favorite for how long that one made my eyelashes appear compared to the regular mascara. Both were comfortable to wear and both washed off easily but the waterproof one did take a little more timeto remove. Neither of them clumped my eyelashes together which I have experienced in the past with other brands.
  • I tested the non waterproof mascara first. It was not feeling very heavy on my lashes. The color was as expected and it lasted very well through the day. It was also very easy to remove. This is made in Italy.
  • I love this brand of makeup. The mascara is nice as well. Easy to apply and it didn’t leave any clumps which I love. Overall nice product
  • A duo set of waterproof mascara.It works great and lasts all day.It provided volume to my lashes.I like the brush it worked well.It wasn’t clumpy.A superior set to have.I would buy it again.
  • I have good lash volume/amount, but they are really really short and the tips are blonde. This mascara works great. It lengthens them without looking clumpy or weird, and it doesn't irritate my eyes at all or give me racoon eyes. Even the regular non-waterproof one stays put. It washes off easily, no burning. I've had some brands that literally coat my lashes in what feels like black glue that tugs on them and I can't get it off even with makeup remover. So this brand was a nice surprise because it does what it says, and works well. The brush is nothing fancy, it's the regular kind of straight brush, but that's fine for me.
  • I am someone who likes to put two coats of mascara on.When I did this with the regular mascara, it looked amazing.It coated my lashes nicely and didn't have any clumps.I found the brush to be easy to use and also get the baby hairs in the inner part of my eye.I like that this is a two set.So you are good to go if you like just the regular mascara or if you are more of a waterproof person.
  • I love Laura Geller foundation and now I have a new favorite mascara.The thick brush applies this black mascara that coats and lengthens my lashes. You get two variations in this set.One is waterproof.Both last all day and are gentle to my lashes.
  • I really like this mascara set. These make my lashes fuller after using only two coats. Also my eyelashes look long, well defined and natural. They separate my lashes with the brushes and makes them look elongated, but doesn't clump or smear. Worth it.
  • For testing purposes, I tried out both mascaras at the same time for a couple of days. Right eye is the gray tube, left eye is the blue. I didn't check labels so I wouldn't be influenced by which was which formula when making my decision of which I liked best!Picture is at four hour mark.Blue- Went on smoothly, but clumped a lot. Used a very light touch after the first day to keep from having block lashes. Clear sailing at the four hour mark, nothing below the lashes at all. Each day starting around that time, though, fallout began. By eight hours the eye with the blue tube had a dark arc beneath it that made me look like I haven't slept in days.That is a long time to be wearing mascara, or at least for me, so it is understandable. A more noticeable look.This one I gave three stars, but a low three stars.Gray- Went on smoothly, nice definition. Some blobbing near the lashline, but used lighter touch the next day and it was nice. At the four hour checkup each time, the area under the eye had flecks beneath it, as though the mascara was shedding excess bits. They wiped up easily with a damp tissue. But over the course of the day, that was it! No more flecks after the initial dumping! Lashes still looked good, defined, a step up from natural pretty, but not quite ostentatious looking! A high four star, lost that little bit for needing a late morning tidy each time.Overall, I think both looked nice, but definitely would be used for different occasions. The gray is a good all day long look, the blue is a few hours for a going out look.
  • This mascara set comes in a small box. There is no plastic wrap or safety seals on the box and not plastic sealing on the makeup inside.You get a regular mascara and a waterproof version. The tubes are color codes for easy recognition at a glance - they are also labeled.The mascara is nice and dark - it goes on smoothly and doesn't leave gross clumps. I'm not a fan of clumpy lashes - that's my main criteria for mascara.These pass the test for appearance.The brush is nice and stiff and separatea the lashes nicely.The mascara is made in Italy.
  • Great mascara for waterproof needs. Just one cote provides a good amount of coverage. Definitely one of the best waterproof mascaras I’ve ever tried. Well worth the money!
  • Finally found a waterproof mascara that doesn’t smear, extends lashes nd not messy.Not the cheapest but you’ll be happy you paid a few dollars more.
  • Like it because make my shorts look pretty long lashes. Don’t have to wear fake lashes
  • This is the best mascara ever!I have skimpy lashes and this mascara is so easy to apply and my lashes look great!!The price is exceptional for such a great product
  • I'm 59yrs. I love this mascara ♡.It does everything it says. Waterproof, no smudges, and volumize :).Thank you Laura Geller ♡.
  • This goes on easily and stays put! I really like it. My lashes look good until I remove the mascara
  • Really lovely super black mascara. Gives me good length and a bit of volume without the clumps. Doesn’t make my lashes stiff or crunchy, and it’s easy to get the lashes from rootto tip.
  • The Laura Geller mascara set containing both regular and waterproof mascara is nice. It's a good value for 2 tubes of mascara. Each tube is a different color so you don't have to look closely to know which one you are grabbing. Both mascaras seem to work well, no clumps, not dry or flakey. Good coverage and lengthening. Removes easily with makeup remover. I wish they had a safety seal, though!
  • Great mascara it's really waterproof it lasts for me two days,stays till you take it off.One thing it tends to clump but I use a lash brush so it's not a large problem for me.
  • I love this mascara. Stays all day.Goes on beautifully without clumping and removes easily with baby oil.
  • I have sensitive skin and sometimes mascara agitates my eyes, this one worked well and no agitation.I wore this for over 8 hours and had no reaction ( I wore one lengthener + waterproof on one eye and long lasting on the other eye).The applicator brush put an acceptable amount on my lashes and I went over 2 more times with a little side to side motion.The brush separated and combed the lashes well and I was happy with the outcome.I use a makeup remover pad to take off product before bed and the mascara worked exactly as it should.I am very pleased with the product.
  • This is such a great set! I love that you get both the regular version and the waterproof version of this awesome mascara.The LAURA GELLER NEW YORK Always There Lengthening + Waterproof Mascara | Long-Lasting Mascara for Volume and Length Duo is one of the better mascaras I've used...and I have tried so many...from drugstore brands to the high end and much more expensive ones. This stuff does go on evenly, seperates and lengthens lashes well, and it looks very pretty on. With just a few coats, I have long, voluminous, gorgeous lashes. And for this price, you are getting a great deal. I would definitely recommend and I am very pleased with these mascaras. These would be perfect stocking stuffers for any beauty lover...and you get 2, so you could use them for 2 separate gifts.
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  • ALWAYS THERE WATERPROOF MASCARA: Long-lasting and 100% waterproof. Laura Geller’s Always There Waterproof Lengthening Mascara is the go-to for intense lashes that won’t quit. The ultra-creamy and rich black mascara formula works to build, lift and lengthen eyelashes in a single swipe, all thanks to an innovative brush and a unique blend of hard and soft waxes. Plus, not only is this volumizing mascara waterproof, it’s smudge-proof and flake-proof too, so you can forget the need for touchups!
  • LONG LASTING FORMULA: It’s all in the name. Laura Geller’s rich waterproof mascara is the long-lasting solution for volume and length that sticks with you without smudging and flaking.
  • DEFINES LASHES WITHOUT CLUMPS: The secret to this longwearing mascara is a combination of soft and hard waxes, creating the perfect texture that defines eyelashes without clumps.
  • PERFECT FOR: This black mascara features an innovative brush that has soft and wavy fibers, ensuring every lash is coated and lifted to their longest and fullest potential.
  • HOW TO USE: Starting at the base of your lashes, sweep the brush up and through to the tips, coating each lash. For additional volume, wiggle the wand from side-to-side and base to tip. Layer as desired to achieve your big lash look.
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