Manga Lashes Natural Look False Eyelashes Wispy Clear Band Fake Lashes Asian Korean Cosplay Lashes Faux Mink Lashes Pack 6 Pairs - REVIEW

  • I really like those lashes they so easy to put on 30 seconds you can apply them I really love them I highly recommend for the girlies
  • these are gorgeous! they add boldness to my eyes, which is what i look for. i like to cut them into their own separate pieces when applying to the edge of my eyelid, and it’s super simple
  • So I’ve bought a lot of lashes and one thing that’s really good about this is the band is strong but it’s also light weight. I can apply these much faster than normal clusters but they don’t fall apart which is a huge pro. I like the look of these and they are adorable. It’s not my usual lash style but I like to change it up and I’m glad I tried these. They are a 10/10 comfy, adorable, and good quality definitely well worth the money
  • The band is a little thick but I like them, I cut them into individual pieces and they look natural under the lashes
  • Style: B-maga cat eyeI love how long these lashes are. Sometimes lashes are not long enough for my eyes,, but these are perfect! Clear band, and simple. It's not anything extravagant, but also wonderful for cosplay. Very happy with my purchase will buy again <3
  • I love hie these are nice and easy to use.There are very pretty, comfy and light.
  • it was really cute lashes for any occasion but there’s some clear glue stuck in it you have to take off.
  • These are so pretty!! I cut them in half to make them look more natural! And they look amazing and natural would recommend if you’re looking for good lashes!!
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  • Manga Lashes or Cluster Lashes: You just need to use scissors to cut the false lashes into cluster lashes along the split point, but it can also be used as natural lashes to draw a perfect full makeup.
  • Natural Look For You: The different lengths of clusters fit the curvature of your eyes and magnify the advantage of your eyes. And natural lashes are really natural for the just right length and volume.
  • For Any Occasions You Met: Fake Lashes is natural enough for daily wearing,and clear band lashes even go with a variety of various makeup looks.
  • Trusted Quality: Wispy with synthetic fibers are soft and light, even if you wear it for a whole day, there is no foreign body feeling, and the transparent band are thin but very strong and durable, and can withstand multiple uses.
  • While pursuing innovation, Vanssymunlin will never give up the high standard of fake eyelashes quality. Your ides are welcome, we’re happy to give consistently superior service to our customers.
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