Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Luscious Waterproof Mascara, Very Black, 0.3 fl. oz. K2004600 - REVIEW

  • Just don't like the washable. Ordered same but in waterproof. I have oily skin and it leaves residue on my eyes during the day and i look like a raccoon.
  • This is a very rich black color, it is a bit difficult to apply because of the brush. No matter how I try to clean some of it off, it puts too much mascara onto my lashes, so I have to use another dry brush to clean it up. If you have ever tried L'Oreal's Butterfly Mascara, thebrush is similar to it, just a tad larger. Could be why just a little too much mascara comes out on the Maybelline brush.However, it takes very little time to do that and the end result I get is quite nice. The brush does grab every lash so, I end looking like I have false lashes on,I do love how both of my eyes when all done with my eye make-up appear to be the same shape. Some mascara brushes make one eye appear smaller some times. Also--it does not smear on the bottom lashes like some others I have used and it dries fairly quick. It is not water proof, but water resistant therefore, use a remover made for waterproof lashes
  • I have been using this mascara in the summer, while traveling in tropics and diving. It's is the only make-up I use when I travel and it never fails to deliver.
  • I have a lot of trouble keeping eye make up from smearing all over my lids.No matter if it's eye liner, shadow, eye pencil, mascara; it all tends to bleed off.And on to my eyelid area.I look like a raccoon.At the end of the day, the shadow, eyeliner eye pencil, whatever I apply seems to bleed on my upper lid.This waterproof mascara is no exception.While I do like the product, I'm disappointed that it also tends to bleed.I guess I have oily skin, which is good for me as oily skin tends to keep your skin from aging quickly.And even if this mascara bleeds, I do still have mascara on my lashes at the end of a day.I just have to be extra vigilant and look in a mirror often during a day.
  • I have always had long eyelashes and hopefully they will stick around for a few more years (I’m mid 40’s), but I have always wanted volume to match my length. This stuff does the trick. I can literally use one swipe on each eye if I’m in a rush and have even skipped eyeliner and been happy with the results. When I have used this plus fiber enhancer I am frequently asked if I’m wearing artificial’s that good. I would agree with a frequent changeout but compared to what I used to pay for Lancôme Defincils, I still come out saving. PLUS this product has much more of a wow factor. I would strongly recommend.
  • This is great mascara. It is a little clumpy though.I use a different brand first, let it dry, then apply this mascara. With the fan shaped brush, it makes my lashes even longer. It doesn’t smudge during the day. It is hard to remove so I take off what I can, and leave the rest to take off the next morning.
  • Best mascara ever!!Don't waste your money on other mascaras. I tried cheap and expensive ones, this is the best.
  • I found this because I was trying to prove that maybelle mascara was not as good as another brand, well, I was in for a shocker! This brush, for me, instead of the curled one I find easier to control, but that's just because I'm not gifted with curved brushes in general. I always buy waterproof and maybelle makes a great waterproof eye makeup remover too, but I use micelle water on the rest of my face. This mascara blew me away, not only me, my mascara loving sister and mom. It dries fast and looks like false eyelashes in about two coats. I'm going to be using this a long time. Also works with false eyelashes. I'm impressed Maybe it is Maybelline? Love bouncy blush. Anti aging cream concealer, even though young. This mascara is fantastic.
  • Product packaging came in a bit bent and for some reason looked dirty, BUT the product itself is really good!Waterproof, last all day! Only thing is that it is a bit hard to take off. Other than that its a good mascara.
  • I love the volume and the length it adds to my lashes. It works better than most high - dollar mascara's I have used.
  • I am OBSESSED with this mascara. I was wary of it after reading a couple bad reviews, but I'm concerned that maybe the people who gave this product bad reviews are not familiar with how waterproof mascara works.First of all, my lashes are more supple after this mascara dries than with any other waterproof mascara I've ever used. The full-fan effect is no joke; it's exactly what I hoped it would be. I also get length and volume in ONE COAT without clumpiness or a spider-look. I feel like I can see all my individual lashes. It's MAGICAL. I also have not experienced any flaking or smudging (except for the one time I took a REAL HARD NAP without taking off my makeup, oops). And I have worn it through a full server shift on the floor, and I have worn it while working out (double oops). I think the problem a lot of people are running into with flaking, smudging, or not drying is that they're trying to put on more than one coat. Wait. Don't. Stop. You don't need more than one coat. One coat is plenty, and does more for my lashes than two coats of plenty of other mascaras I've used.Also, if you're trying to remove a serious waterproof mascara with a regular cleanser or make-up remover towels, you're going to be disappointed. Use something oil-based and hardcore. I use straight-up coconut oil to take off my waterproof eye makeup, and wipe clean with a tissue. It takes a little bit of massaging, but it comes off completely and doesn't take any of my lashes with it.The only thing I would say to watch for is that the very tip of the wand can collect a little glob of product, but I just dab it on the inside rim of the tube and go to town.As for cleaning up smudges, pro tip, as with every single other waterproof mascara I have ever used: Dab a little bit of lip balm (NOT PEPPERMINT) on the smudge and wipe. The coconut oil or beeswax (or both) in your balm makes for a great quick-and-dirty smudge remover, and you probably always have it in your pocket, anyway.
  • I love this mascara. I tried the same one, but not the waterproof one, and it was a mess. This one has great coverage with one or two strokes and doesn't smudge, clump, or flake. Pretty sure this is the mascara that I'm going to use for the rest of my life.
  • As good as you would expect. It does look very good on the bottom lashes, which is why I purchased it. I hate clumpy bottom lashes and this looks better than most.
  • Still searching for a waterproof mascara that lives up to the label. This is great mascara but I still get black under my eyes. The search continues…
  • I have tried so many drugstore brand mascaras as well as more expensive ones and I just keep coming back to this mascara. It's my fav. Between sensitive eyes and glasses, I don't do falsies, and I have very pale stubby lashes on my own, so I like a black mascara with some OOMPH to it, without being overly spider-leg-ish. This is that mascara for me.
  • Wore this to a funeral, of course tears were shed. no smudge, nothing! couldn’t even tell at all that I had cried. love this! this is now my forever mascara
  • Makes my lashes look longer and eyes stand. Easy to apply but I keep a tipped brush handy for any occasional clumping. Stays on great with no smudging.
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  • Exclusive fanning reservoir brush with ten layers of bristles reveals layers of lashes for a sensational full-fan effect
  • Infused with precious oils for softer, denser eyelashes
  • A blend of three oils helps reduce mascara brittleness
  • Waterproof mascara formula
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