L'Oreal Paris Paris Volume Million Lashes So Couture Mascara, Black - REVIEW

  • I’m a flight ✈️ attendant . I’ve tried mascaras frommass-market to lux brands, but this one is definitely the best to me! Highly recommended if you like natural and long lashes 👌🏼
  • I LOVE this mascara. My son works with L’Oréal here in the U.S.When he was working on a project with them in Paris, he bought this mascara for me to try. I fell in love with it. I can apply multiple coats and it does not clump. I can use a little & my lashes look so natural. I can apply as many coats as I want to make my lashes look more dramatic and it still does not clump. When I began to run low, I looked to find a comparable mascara here in the states. Every one I tried paled in comparison, so ended up buying my old Mabeline standby. I was delighted to find this on Amazon!!! Will definitely order again & again. I’ve seen mention of the packaging & some people have thrown their mascara away because of it. Please keep in mind that Europe has different packaging standards than we do. My order came in the same packaging as the mascara my son brought from Paris, so I feel confident in this product’s authenticity & safety. Again, I LOVE this mascara!!!!
  • This is my new favorite mascara! Mine had a sticker seal on it but wasn't in a unicarton like most American drugstore mascaras are but that doesn't bother me (I have a feeling we just use more packaging that other countries so don't let the lack of packaging detour you). Mine seems perfectly fine and untampered with so I started using it. I have pretty short lashes and this makes them look much longer and thicker. I absolutely love it and will definitely be repurchasing. The only thing I don't like is that it seems to have a slight baby powder smell but it doesn't linger. This does not irritate my eyes and I have pretty sensitive eyes.
  • It only slightly increases the volume of your lashes, but not the lenght. Was not what I was expecting
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  • Volume Million Lashes So Couture mascara
  • Refined volume, no clumps and no stiff lashes
  • Couture brush with extra soft and small bristles
  • Gently thicken the look of each lash while its rigid wand enable you to spread the formula evenly from root to tip
  • Liquid black silk formula gently envelops each lash with volume and intensity, leaving lashes soft
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