Pacifica Aquarian Gaze Water-Resistant Long Lash Mineral Mascara - Abyss Mascara Women 0.25 oz - REVIEW

  • This is truly smudge free mascara! I've slept overnight in this and have woken up with still no smudges. Truly a miracle!
  • Good coverage. Gives a lot of length. But tends to clump if you don’t correct as you apply. For max length, apply 3-4 coats. Recommend.
  • I have been looking for a natural looking, long lasting mascara for years.So excited to finally find this gem!Does not look like fake eyelashes, which seem to be the trend for reasons I don’t at all get.This mascara just requires one coat and it darkens and lengthens without looking fake and cakey. It doesn’t bother my eyes like some of the drug store brands do, it lasts all day without raccoon eyes, and I have no problem with removal. Just use a gentle facial soap or coconut oil.
  • Not the easiest to remove, but it stays on all day and is all natural so that’s a win!
  • This mascara is replacing my un-clean waterproof Maybelline. Now it's CLEAN so it's not as waterproof but with an eyelashes curler, then using the mascara, and then curling my lashes again I get a nice look. It lasts fairly long and doesn't run. Not like waterproof but more water resistant. And I feel good knowing it's made with clean ingredients!
  • I was hesitant to try it, but I love this mascara. It doesn't really clump or flake, it seems to be pretty water resistant. I haven't tried swimming with it yet, but it holds up in other water or sweat related areas. I have really long lashes so finding something that doesn't make them stick together is difficult.
  • I have very thin and light lashes. This mascara helps thicken and lengthen them well. Doesn't clump. Only problem is it is very difficult to remove. I usually take a few lashes with me at night when trying to remove it with eye makeup remover.
  • I apparently have very drippy eyes and cannot find a good mascara that is actually water proof and doesn't leave me with raccoon eyes on an hour. This is the first mascara I've ever found that stays on my lashes all day!!!
  • Love waterproof mascara, and would never use anything but waterproof! This brand has some the more cleaner ingredients I have seen. Highly recommend!
  • I purchased this mascara because I wanted to be more conscious of the beauty products I am using, when I can. This brand is both cruelty-free and vegan. I typically do not like using waterproof mascaras except for special events because to me the formulas tend to be stiff and dry, pretty difficult for me to remove completely. I am trying out this mascara about a month before my wedding reception, and although this would probably not be my go-to daily mascara, I am pleased with its water-resistant features. You do have to put in some effort when removing, but I don't feel like I am also removing all of my eyelashes when I wash it off like I do with waterproof mascaras. Note that this mascara is most definitely water-resistant and accurately NOT referred to as waterproof. Another feature I like is it really lengthens my eyelashes. While it is not as "wet" or as buildable of a formula as I usually prefer, it's a perfect formula if you like long, wispy lashes (I admit I love thick, voluminous eyelashes, borderline clumpy and spider-like). Overall, a really nice product.
  • This mascara sticks like glue. Doesn’t bother my sensitive eyes. Hard to wash off even with soap.
  • I have purchased this mascara at least 3 times and I really love it. I need to use something water resistant and prefer a soft, natural lash look and this does the trick! It's easy to apply and really is water resistant too!
  • I like this mascara but not love. I really like that this mascara is made with non-harmful products and is cruelty free. It does coat the lashes nicely but it does not, however, give the length and volume I was hoping for. It is quite water resistant which is nice and does not flake off throughout the day. It is easily removable with either micellar water or coconut oil.
  • I love that this mascara is waterproof, but sometimes it feels really thick when applying.Overall it’s a great product.
  • I've gone swimming, hiked, worked long days, sweated, showered and it still hangs on. This is my ultimate favorite waterproof mascara to date. I've tried other brands and they suck in comparison. They are too bomb proof and would yank out eyelashes while I tried to remove the mascara. Not this one. It stays while you want it and removes when you want it to. It just takes a little warm water and some massaging to remove. This is a pretty damn good product! And it's clean!
  • Holy Grail for older deep set eyes that water a lot.No more raccoon eyes or crumbling loss.Lashes look the same 8 hours later!
  • I like this mascara but my only complaint is that I wish it were a little bolder (wish it lengthened the lashes). It gives you a natural look. Doesn't give you raccoon eyes, and also doesn't require makeup remover.
  • This stuff works! A cleaner ingredient mascara is what I wanted that was also water resistant. It has held up swimming, showering, sauna, sweat and actual tears! I am impressed it has worked as well as it has. Not even a smudge after I’ve worn it during all these activity. Pretty darn amazing! I use coconut oil to remove and comes off just fine
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  • Lash lengthening brush
  • Water-resistant wear
  • Deep intensity color.
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