Physicians Formula Killer Curves Curling Mascara, Black, Full-Volume Lash-Lifting, Dermatologist Approved, Clinically Tested, Ophthalmologist Approved, Cruelty Free, Vegan - REVIEW

  • This curling mascara works well and is great for sensitive eyes. Minimal flaking and makes your eyelashes full and curled.
  • It is a good product. It wears good... Does not smudge or flake. If you want a thick look you do have to apply more than one coat.
  • It will weigh down the lashes a bit, but with the right routine it works amazing.
  • I have a hard time finding any mascara that actually does what it says for me.At 73, my eyelashes have changed and are not what they use to be so I try hard to get volumne and some lift.I try them all from reviews, youtube..all drugstore.The great thing about this one is that it is on the non toxic, made for sensitive eyes side....I can appreciate that.It gives me lift and it stays and doesn't rub off or flake off.I have tried many PF mascaras and so far this one is my favorite.Everyones' eyelashes are different so what works for one doesn't for another, but for less than perfect lashes, this is a winner in my book.
  • I absolutely love this mascara! I typically use a pre-serum for volume before the mascara but this time, I didn't...just straight mascara and I got plenty of volume, length. (See photo)Will buy again!
  • Update…. Reached out to the seller about the mascara I received, they immediately sent a fresh mascara! Thank you! This is my favorite mascara that I’ve used for years, but this tube is dry and flaky…. Old.
  • I have sensitive eyes & it doesnt bother me. I wish it came in waterproof for the summer time pool...
  • It is hard to find good mascara that actually lifts lashes - curls them. I have long eye lashes that are blonde on the ends, so I need to coat and curl them to make my eyes pop. I refuse to use a lash curler because of past bad experiences, so I have been searching for a good curling mascara. This one from Physicians Formula does just that without clumping. It also comes off easily with my face wash.I have it on subscription now because I really like it.
  • I don't like products that feel heavy. This mascara is feather light and airy. Even the tube feels light like nothing is in there. It covers my lashes well and comes off easily when removing my makeup at night. This company does NOT test on animals, so my cruelty free pledge is made easier. I love this stuff and it is a great value.
  • I have clinique, benefit bad girl bang and lancome, but actually this is fantastic.Its hypoallergenic and makes lashes so long just as good as high end.Try it ladies.
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  • Lash-Lifting Polymers
  • Volumizing Collagen
  • Nourishing Provitamin B5
  • Strengthening Peptides & Amino Acids
  • Lash-lifting polymers and volumizing collagen provide the perfect combination of curl and volume. Infused with Provitamin B5, Peptides, & Amino Acids to nourish and strengthen lashes.
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