CoverGirl Professional Remarkable Washable Mascara, Very Black [200] 0.30 oz ( Pack of 4) - REVIEW

  • My eyelashes are white and this brown is just the right coverage it is not too dark and it is not too light.It does not flake off during the day and it does not smudge in the heat when you sweat.
  • Goes on easy, stays on all day, no smudging or flaking.I will definitely buy this again.
  • Always have had trouble with smudges....have not had any problems since I started using it.Great product.
  • I have used this mascara for years, my eyes tend to water a lot due to allergies. I really love that it really does stay on all day!
  • Like this brand of mascara because it smudges even less than varieties claiming to be smudgeproof.
  • I bought this in a pinch when I could not get to Macy's to buy my favorite mascara for 29.00 a tube.I have tried more expensive mascaras that promise no smudging, with sales associates swearing that they would not smear and how I should not put moisturizer on before foundation etc.This mascara lasts all day long with the moisturizer before the foundation and guess what? No raccoon eyes - cute on raccoons, but no thanks on me!
  • Love this mascara. Stays put in the pool and easy to remove with face wash and water!
  • I have used this stuff for many years now. I occasionally stray, but I keep coming back to this mascara. Others make big promises about plumpness and length, but they all smudge. This doesn't. Lashes are enhanced, but still look natural. Goes on well, no clumps.
  • I've been using this product for years and I'm so glad that they continue to make it. It's easy to remove, doesn't clump and is the same color all the time. I'll keep buying it as long as Cover Girl makes it.
  • Thickens, but not clumpy. Nice to have black/brown instead of plain black, which is too harsh. Doesn't smudge. Affordable.
  • As promised - smudge resistant!Nothing is 100%, didn't expect that however this is the first mascara I've had in a LONG time that didn't smudge.Had an education in that there is a difference between smudge-free and waterproof.Thank you for this product as it's very hard to find smudge-free mascaras --- for some reason.Also, it lasts all day.Didn't realize how ineffective my old mascara was until I tried this. it smudged all the time and had to be reapplied.Comes off easily w/soap & water.Wish the brush wasn't quite to 'fat', might just be me.
  • I’ve been using this in blk brown for about a decade and it’s my favorite. Stays put but washes away easily
  • This is my favorite mascara. I can’t find it in stores Anymore. Most waterproof mascara is impossible to remove but this is super easy washable!!
  • I thought I was ordering CoverGirl Professional3-in-1 mascara based on the picture that accompanied the listing. I was surprised to open my package and see the CoverGirl Professional Remarkable mascara.But I like it better!
  • I have been using this mascara for a lot of years and would definitely recommend it.
  • I’ve been using this for almost 14 years and was glad it is easier to get thru Amazon as it’s getting harder to find in the stores!
  • Mascara is more on the drier side which means it doesn't glob up as much, however you have to apply several coats to get the desired effect.Washes up nicely, and so far I haven't seen it flaking off throughout the day.Another plus for a soap and water washable mascara..
  • I love that it's washable with soap and water yet doesn't run easily.If you're looking for a mascara that goes on thicker, go with Cover Girls Super Thick Lash.There's a washable version as well as a waterproof one.I recommend the washable Cover Girl Super Thick Lash mascara over this one personally.But the Remarkable mascara is quite nice for the price.
  • Best mascara ever and I've tried them all. Stays put in tropical weather and swimming, but washes off easily with soap and water. I've worn this to bed and no raccoon eyes in the morning. No clumping. Natural look.
  • THIS is the best Cover Girl mascara. It is washable, has the original wand. Yay!
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  • Provides ultimate coverage and comfort
  • Expands and increases lashes
  • Creates an extreme eye-opening effect
  • Provides ultimate coverage and comfort
  • Expands and increases lashes
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