essence | Bye Bye Panda Eyes Tubing Mascara | Smudge-proof, Volumizing Definition | Vegan, Cruelty Free, Free From Parabens & Oils (Pack of 1) - REVIEW

  • I've used this product for a days now and I love it. I have pretty straight lashes and this mascara does not weigh them down after they are curled. No smudging when dry and you accidentally rub your eyes. It's gentle on the eyes and comes off easy with warm water
  • This mascara is amazing! It makes your lashes look thicker and also cleans off quite easily.
  • Perfect for the cost. Makes your Lashes look long, and I can work a 12h day without any raccoon effect under the eyes.
  • I’ve been comparing tubing mascara. I typically use Thrive but am shopping for an affordable dupe. I still haven’t found one... This essence No More Panda Eyes is a decent mascara and with several applications it is useable, but absolutely no comparison to Thrive. It was much better for me than the Milani tubing mascara though.On the plus side I do notice it feels more light and comfortable than the other mascaras.
  • After chemo that threw me into early menopause my poor once long thick lashes were a thing of the past.I read about this product and decided to give it a whirl.I have lashes that show up again!My eyes have that smoldering look once again.It goes on nicely.What I like best is warm water removes it and I don’t lose more lashes trying to get the mascara off.I’m really happy with this and will buy again.
  • I originally thought this was dried out when I got it as there was nothing on the brush. Needs to be pumped a few times before using, but then started working as expected. Provides length well and doesn't clump, but not much volume, as others stated. I have very sensitive eyes and found this product to be non-irritating. It does smudge little bit, but about the same or less than other similar products. Very easy to remove in the shower, so not waterproof. Honestly really good for the price!
  • This is nice mascara for those with lashes. I like it but my lashes are not as thick as they were. It definatly seperates the lashes. It gives a really natural look.
  • I gave tried every waterproof mascara out there, I have very oily eye lids. I used this and walked miles a day through Europe in 95 + degree heat, never had racoon eyes. I use it daily now, and it's easy to get off with make up cloths.
  • I haven’t worn mascara in years because the flaking bothers me so much, but I decided to try this since it’s cheap and wow! this is my fave or it’s mascara i’ve ever used.
  • I must of went through dozens and they all seemed to smear under my eyes, now I finally found this gem and some times I’m so tired and just go straight to bed and I still don’t see any smudges under my eyes! The Best ever!
  • I like this mascara better than most.It doesn’t smudge at all even though crying.It even holds up to light reapplication.It won’t lengthen, but eyelashes look longer because they are darker and thicker.You have to be careful to avoid clumping.
  • Did not expect it to actually come off like the description said it would, but I was proven wrong! At the end of a work day my eyes are usually a little smudged up on the bottom lashes but anything that tried to smudge with this mascara just ended up falling right off my skin. Didn't smear when I took it off and water made it come off even better. Was amazed at how it washed the residue off my finger without even wiping it.
  • Love this mascara!Have tried it over regular mascaras & clear mascara with no flakes...just cumb out lashes before applying this tubing mascara for max effect
  • I have a mascara graveyard full of products that I have tried in the quest to find one that doesn't smudge. I don't put it on my bottom lashes, I've even tried putting mascara on the TOP side of my upper lashes. No matter what I did, I always had smudges under my eyes after a few hours.This stuff works!The pic shows my "smudgier" eye after about 10 hours. There's a tiny bit of product if you look closely, but I'm calling it a win. I might even try some on my lower lashes!I'm not a big fan of the brush, but that's just personal preference. It works fine, I just prefer a skinnier applicator. And you cant beat the price. This is my new mascara!
  • I love the price, but this product makes my eye lashes stand out. I use two applications and I’m out the door looking amazing.
  • This mascara is absolutely wonderful. Super easy to come off, no clumpage, and does not fall out like my other mascaras. I love it! I personally do not think it makes you look like you have bushier eyelashes, but that’s not something I often care about. Picture is one eye with and one eye without the mascara! It’s a nice, cheap mascara
  • Essence mascara was actually recommended to me by a professional makeup artist when I didn't want to spend $50 on the Chanel mascara she was using. I tried several types of Essence brand mascara and settled on Bye Bye Panda Eyes as giving me the definition that I want; it goes on easily without clumps; and it wears extremely well. It doesn't rub off, but comes off easily with makeup remover. The only thing that detracts from it is that the tube starts getting thick very quickly. It performs well for maybe a couple months, then does start leaving clumps. But it's so inexpensive that I just buy several at a time and throw it out when it starts doing that. Other than that, I love the performance and it's worth it to me to just treat it as disposable and grab the next one.
  • I used to wear waterproof mascara because I hated how easily normal mascara got smudged. But it was so difficult to get off. So I tried this and it's amazing! Only 5$ and its smudge-proof, not clumpy, and gives lots of volume! It's so easy to remove with even just water. I just wish there was a dark brown option.
  • I'm 73 and thus have many years of makeup experience.This mascara is the only one for me, now that I have tried it.It lives up to its name, having no more shadows under my eyes, which is what I was desperately looking for.It goes on nicely and you can add layers without clumping!I'm ordering another tube right now!
  • I could never wear mascara before this one because of it smudging. This mascara has never smudged for me… it’s amazing and 100% recommend!
  • I have tried every mascara on the market & this one is the very best hands down! No clumping, smudging or transfer to the under eye area, yet easy to remove!
  • This really works and stays put without running on your eye. It is thin though and requires multiple coats to show that you have mascara on.
  • I normally have issues with mascara because my skin is really oily around my eyes.This mascara does NOT smudge.
  • I use this with the Essence volume boost first. It glides on easy and if you apply too much, just keep swiping and it spreads neatly. I’m impressed! This will be my go-to from now on.
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  • SAY BYE BYE TO PANDA EYES! No more smudging or flaking here with this new essence tubing mascara. Get volumized and defined lashes without the mess!
  • TUBING FORMULA: Unlike regular mascaras (which coat your lashes with pigment), tubing mascaras wrap each individual lash in water-resistant, tube-like enclosures. This means no smudging, flaking, or fading.
  • REMOVES WITH WARM WATER: No makeup remover necessary! Instead of flaking or smudging throughout the day, these "tubes" slide off with warm water and some gentle pressure.
  • CLAIMS: Vegan & Cruelty Free. Free from gluten, silicones, parabens, oil, fragrance, & microplastic particles. Made in Luxembourg.
  • CRUELTY FREE: essence cosmetics is certified and acknowledged by PETA as a cruelty-free brand. We do not test any of our products on animals.
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