W7 | Ultra Plush Mascara | Long-Lasting, Smudge-Proof and Water-Resistant Formula | Black Mascara With Curved Shaped Brush For Definition And Length | Cruelty Free Eye Makeup For Women - REVIEW

  • It's perfect!! I've been replacing all of my make up one at a time with vegan friendly/non animal tested products because we can, there's no excuse. When I found out my favorite mascara was not compliant with those parameters I wanted I was heartbroken. This Mascara is comparable to Loreal Voluminous million lash waterproof😍 They even have similar packaging...dare I say this one is cuter!? I know it shouldn't matter but I like it when the things I use are pretty to look at...I'm not a huge fan of pink but was willing to sacrifice my preferred black clear silver and gold make up packaging palate when: surprise! The tube is a beautiful metallic "rose gold"!!!It's truly water resistant and doesn't smear, builds up nicely without flaking into your eye throughout the day (technique makes the difference, wait a bit for each layer to dry), makes my super long and curly -- but nearly invisible because they're THIN --lashes look as lush and defined as I like...and yeah it's easy to remove: ALL MAKE UP IS EASY TO REMOVE 🙃🙃🙃😑😒 just use an oil of your choice, olive, coconut whatever your skin likes, even vaseline works.😉Oh, and it's less than HALF the price of my previous fav. So yes, it's perfect 🥰Hope this was helpful🌻
  • I used to never have any problems with mascara until around 4 years ago....The dreaded raccoon eyes.I started noticing it on my upper lid and underneath my lower lid around mid-day - made worse by smiling or laughing.Mind you, this was happening while wearing my previous go-to (covergirl lash blast WATERPROOF).I tried several other waterproof mascaras and each would leave me with smudging and/or cakey eyes.The only downside with this mascara is really due to my preference - I prefer longer, dark lashes vs. natural lashes.The first coat is a natural look.If you're into that, then this will be right up your alley.I have to do three coats - anymore than than it can get difficult to work with as the lashes will be fairly stiffened up by that point.Even after curling, application, curling, application and so forth, the lashes tend to lose the height or length after an hour or so.But....no racoon eyes.Which is a huge thumbs up from me.
  • One of the best mascaras i have ever purchased!I have bought every brand from 5$ thru 45$This goes on so smooth & clump free -It also leaves ur lashes super soft feeling - yet...LongThickBeautifulI tell every GF to try it - PLUS - its 3 bucks!!!!Win /Win =)
  • I have very long fine lashes and have a hard time getting mascara on the entire lash(toward end not eye). This mascara is great at getting the entire lash and adding some volume. It is very smudge resistant and east to remove. I only gave 4 stars bc it gets clumpy easy.
  • This stuff is amazing. It lengthens the lashes. Also, I work a job that involves being in 100 plus weather, and it does NOT wipe off from sweat. Keeps me looking professional even out in the sun. Doesn't make my eyes itchy. 10/10
  • I have used this mascara for years and loved it and received compliments all the time but the last time I ordered it in December 2022 it was different. I feel like the formula changed and became a fiberlash mascara and I do not like that much and want the original back☹️
  • Does not clump or irritate my eyes. Long lasting wear. No smudging or running. The only makeup I wear is mascara…I would highly recommend.
  • It goes on smoothly and does thicken your lashes. It is washable. I had to remember that after you put it on you have to wait for the product to dry. If you do not like that then you will not like this product but I will tell you once it dries it looks amazing and stays on till you decide to take it off and it comes off without tearing your eyelashes off with the product. Your lashes will look just like you put your mascara on, no matter how long you wear the product. I had mine for 2 days and noticed I my lashes still looked great.
  • I never wear mascara because it ends up agitating my eyes.. and I have tried SO many. Well this is a game changer..... beautify lashes without being stiff and bulking eye lashes up. Doesnt smear and easy to remove. This will be the only mascara I will use.
  • I always had raccoon eyes after just a few hours, but with this mascara I go all day and hardly ever have anything under my eyes. And it makes my lashes look longer too!
  • I wanted to try a cheaper mascara, hoping the quality would hold up. I am pleased. Definitely gives long lashes. A little clumpy, but not too bad. The quality for the price is a better deal than the covergirl I usually get. This will be my new mascara brand.
  • I was skeptical at first because of the price, but I love this mascara! I love the curved brush. I will definitely purchase again.
  • i don’t like to pay for luxury mascara because in my opinions it’s a waste of money and does the same thing that less expensive options will do. this one is great, it does the job and it works very nice for me!
  • I first bought this British mascara from Marshalls but they don't carry it anymore. Very pleased to find it here on amazon. Love this mascara.
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  • PROFESSIONAL - High quality mascara with a long-lasting, smudge-roof and water resistant formula
  • BRUSH - The curved brush has thin spikes that lengthen and define lashes
  • Color - The blackest of black in color, this mascara suits all eye colors and eye makeup shades
  • MUST HAVE - Ultra Plush is the ideal makeup gift for women and anyone else who loves high quality makeup - especially teens!
  • CRUELTY FREE - Ultra Plush Mascara is vegan-friendly free from animal testing! W7's mission is to give everybody access to high quality cosmetics at an affordable price.
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