Rimmel Wonder'Extension Mascara, Brown Black, 1 Count - REVIEW

  • This is a very good mascara. I love that it comes in a brown black color. The brush is thick and full and helps get even the tiniest lashes without clumps.
  • (Reviewed by my wife): This is good mascara for the price ($5.99 at the time of this review).I have red hair and fair skin, so I like this brown-black color as it's not too dark.The mascara extends the lashes well.Minimal clumping.
  • I’m crazy about this mascara. I don’t have great looking natural lashes but two coats of this wonder extension mascara made my lashes look great. I love the black brown color and it applied smoothly. I wasn’t super crazy about the brush shape, it made it a bit difficult to get to all my lashes and I did have a small bit of my lashes that clumped together but I used a lash comb and it was fine. Overall for the price I think it’s a decent mascara.
  • Too much fiber stuff in this mascara's formula for my sparse eye lashes.Creates an unrealistic look.Together as a whole, this product--from wand bristles to mascara is just too bulky for my thinning and fragile lashes.
  • I feel like these extend the length of my lashes like crazy! I already have pretty long eyelashes but these fill them perfectly. I would highly recommend!
  • This is good natural look mascara. It’s a very rich dark brown, just a shade shy of black. It goes on thinly and never clumps even with multiple applications. I would highly recommend this for a natural look. It adds just enough emphasis to the lashes to notice them but isn’t overpowering or tacky looking.
  • I've been on the hunt for a new mascara. I haven't found it yet. I love the silicone bristles on this extra long wand, but the formula is strange; sticky for a mascara. I pulled the wand out of the tube and actually poked myself in the eye with a long string of mascara that was sticking straight out from the tip of the wand. Good news, it doesn't burn. The package instructions recommend two coats. The first coat had good coverage. The second coat just made my lashes look messy. Thicker, but messy.I thought this mascara did a very good job on my bottom lashes. I do give this mascara five stars for staying power. As I sit here writing this review, I've been wearing this mascara for ten hours, no smudging, no flaking, no dark specks under my eyes. For that reason, I will keep wearing this product.
  • Love it! May be my new favorite mascara! Makes my lashes look longer. I have very sensitive eyes and this doesn’t make my eyes water or burn. The price is great! Another plus is the packaging is so pretty! Kind of iridescent looking! 100% recommend!Thanks for reading my review! Have a great day! 😁
  • Rimmel's Wonder'Extension mascara makes my eyelashes look longer, and the applicator is easy to use.It does apply very wet, so you have to allow it to dry, otherwise you might get some clumping or sticking.It is longlasting but washable, and it comes off easier at the end of the day than most mascaras.The brown black is a less dramatic, more natural black, great for work or daytime.I also like the tube design, which is a little bulky but has a metallic teal to purple color gradient.
  • This Rimmel mascara comes in brown / black and it is super nice! The wand is full and gives you such long defined lashes. I love how easy it is to apply and the natural look I give off. Love it!
  • I have been on a long and so far futile hunt for a less expensive tubing mascara--I'm tired of having to pay about $25 (or more) for one mascara. So, when I read online that this is a tubing mascara, I could hardly believe the price...and I guess I shouldn't have. PROS: !) It lengthens well--not the most amazing in that respect, but for the price, and if you want a more natural look, it works. I wouldn't wear it to a party, but for work/daytime it's nice. 2) It has good staying power--no flakes and no smudging on a warm, fairly humid day. (I put on eye cream every morning, so any non-tubing mascara tends to smudge on me, but this didn't.) 3) I like that it comes in a brown/black option because I'm blonde and tend to find black mascara too harsh/dramatic on me for a daytime look. CONS: 1) It does nothing to increase volume. I wear mascara more to lengthen, so I don't really mind that, but still, I was surprised. 2) IT IS NOT A TUBING MASCARA! At first, because I noticed no flaking or smudging during the day, I assumed that what I'd read about it being tubing was in fact true. However, after work I went swimming, and I noticed after a while that there were no little tubes floating around in my swim goggles...and if you've worn tubing mascara and swam for any length of time, you know that even the best-quality tubing mascara will eventually come off if you swim iong enough. I thought, "Wow--this stuff is so cheap but doesn't even come off in the pool!" That was until I glanced in the restroom mirror afterwards and saw that I looked like a drowned raccoon. :-)So, no, sadly, my quest for a less-expensive tubing mascara continues. (However, I recommend this if you are looking for a natural-looking, non-tubing mascara with good staying power at a great price, especially since it's hard to find brown mascaras.)
  • I am always looking for good mascara for length that does not cost a lot and is gentle for my eyes and eyelashes. This does the job very well.
  • I just had surgery on my eyelids and was mascara shopping for the first time in years. I picked up this mascara on clearance and had no expectations. I have stick-straight, black lashes that are very hard to hold a curl, and the tips are so fine that they’re basically invisible. I always have to use a waterproof formula to get a curl to hold after using a lash curler. I wanted to enhance my newly-wide-open eyes but also be gentle on them as the muscles & incisions heal, so I didn’t want anything too difficult to remove but it had to hold a curl AND make my lashes lookreally long.I ended up layering this as a single layer top coat on oldie-but-still-goodie, Mayb3lline Full n Soft Waterproof, and for me, THIS is a magic combo! I wore it all day, and it’s still looking and feeling great. My new fave combo.
  • Love this mascara. I just don't like that it's not waterproof. It still works better for me than any other inexpensive brand.
  • This mascara works good and provides extension to my natural lashes. It is easy to apply and wash off. It is a good value for the ease of use, quality and price.
  • I find that this mascara provides great length for me, but not as much fullness as some others. I'm happy with that, but you might not be if you're really looking for thicker lashes. I like that it comes in brown black, which I prefer with my fairly soft coloring. Also, I like that this is washable but I've had no trouble with racoon eyes.
  • This mascara is very easy to apply without smudging or clumping. It dries quickly and it makes my lashes look a bit longer and fuller. It is easy to remove with oily pads.
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  • Lash extension effect: full, long and defined lashes
  • New formula with stretchy texture extends beyond the tips of your lashes
  • Clump-free, long lasting, smudge-proof, flake-proof, easy to remove
  • Dermatologist & ophthalmologist tested
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