Silksence Upgraded Eyelash Growth Serum, Premium Lash Serum and Lash Growth Serum, Lengthen and Strengthen Eyelashes, Achieve Longer, Thicker,Healthier Lashes - REVIEW

  • I used this product after removing lash extensions that I had worn for three years.I have naturally very short lashes and this product helped noticeably strengthen them.I have very sensitive eyes;skin that water and becomes irritated quite easily but there was nothing to worry about with this product - no stinging, burning, or watering.Worth the money to me!
  • This lash serum works, its amazing. I was suffering from an embarrassing and very noticeable bald spot in my lashes due to an eyelash infection 15 years ago...I never left the house without filling it in.This serum grew the lashes back in that spot fully within 6 months. The bald spot is gone and i just have regular full lashes now. A tube lasts 3 months or longer with nightly use. Great product!
  • I liked it and think it works, but I feel that irritated my eyes a little.
  • At first I wasn’t sure it was working, but after a month of using it every day I saw actual results! It started with my eyelashes just feeling much softer, then after 4 weeks I saw a difference in my fullness of my lashes and finally some length! I’m a false lash girly at heart, but this serum has made it so where I prefer to wear my natural lashes with a lengthening mascara instead of my usual falsies! Give it a try. One thing I will say though, be CAREFUL to not get it in your actual eyeball as it stung pretty bad and gave me redness.
  • I bought it as a gift and my friend is very happy, it worked very well for her, she always reminds me of it. Thanks
  • If I use this consistently, my eyelashes do grow.Amazing and I had to back off because they were getting too long!Lovely product.
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  • LONGER AND STRONGER: Our nourishing development lash serum encourages new eyelashes and strengthens existing hairs for bold, dramatic-looking eyes. Thin, sparse, and brittle lashes get a magical boost from this sophisticated composition eyelash serum.
  • STRONG AMINO ACIDS: Lash serum has L-Isoleucine's Amino Acids promote blood vessel circulation surrounding follicles, supporting new growth. Patchy lash lines are filled in with this to make them look rich and healthy. Aspartic acid strengthens the structure of hair to give lashes additional strength and volume.
  • VERY NUTRIENT-RICH: Eyelash Serum works wonders on even the shortest lashes because lash serum for eyelash growth is rich in nutrients to promote growth and volume. In addition, arginine helps hydrate hairs to eliminate brittleness and strengthen them. You can wave goodbye to uncomfortable artificial eyelashes with natural, longer, and thicker lashes.
  • GENTLEST FORMULA: The delicate tissues along your lash line are safe to utilize with a gentle formula. Eyelash growth serum ingredients from plants impart shine and sheen without signs of redness and irritation. Use both in the morning before applying makeup and at night as part of your skincare routine.
  • SIMPLE TO APPLY: Eyelash Growth Serum is as simple to apply as your go-to eyeliner and comes with a fine-tip brush. Brush on a thin coating at the root lines, moving from the inner to the outside corner of your eyes to hydrate follicles, encourage the growth of new hairs, and fortify existing follicles.
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