Glitter Mascara,Waterproof Black Mascara for Eyelashes,Luxsea Diamond Shinny Colored Mascara,Colorful Lashes Smudge-Proof Sparkling Colorful Eyes Makeup Tool for Wedding Stage Music Festival - REVIEW

  • I bought the silver glitter mascara and the sparkles are quite subtle. I put it over my already dry black mascara. The pictures in this advertisement are very exaggerated but I am still pleased with the effect.
  • This is the best sparkly mascara ever !! its so beautiful even after one coat, to a sparkly, brilliant and most stunning way to add a captivating beam of light to your lashes. For anyone who loves adding glitter to their looks i cant recommend this mascara enough! A must have
  • I love the colors but doesn’t show up as dark as I would like it to be. Could just be my preference though.
  • This mascara is amazing! It doesn't clot, and it makes my lashes so long and beautiful! The sparkles are magnificent! I've received compliments while in the direct sunlight. I do prefer to apply my regular mascara first, black or otherwise, and then the glitter mascara.
  • Was a gift for my daughter(19) who loves them. Goes on Great and the colors really pop.
  • I got this for a costume but I think I will use it more often
  • On this listing for a bunch of glitter mascara, there is some white mascara/primer. I got this. I love the look of pure white mascara, and this ad shows pictures with pure white lashes. This product gets close.Used as a primer, it helps. The dark mascara will completely cover any white if used as a primer. It gives some extra volume, but I don't see a lot of lengthening from this product. Many primers will give you much more lash than this one does.As a standalone mascara, this white is not exactly opaque, or at least it doesn't go on that way. I need many, many layers to get my lashes white. Even when I try to do just the tips in white, it still takes a large amount of product to get the pure white look. It still looks pretty cool by itself, but it's not as dramatic as the pictures would make you think.It lasts though, and it does seem to be waterproof. The consistency is a bit stiff, but it does not cause extreme clumping or anything. It's overall a good mascara or primer.
  • This mascara shines on my wife's eyelashes the glitter really sparkles and waterproof no smudge easy too take off looks nice.
  • Bought these for a show I was in, and loved them. Only wish they were brighter. Took a lot of layers to show up.
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  • ★【Glitter Mascara】 Colotful Diamond Mascara is like a starry sky, elegant and sparkly. Natural Sparkling Shinny mascara gives your eyelashes a boost of volume and length instantly , gives you the length and volume eyelash that you desire.
  • ★【Mixable Colored Mascara】Shimmer Mascara can be combined with regular mascara. If you want to get darker, longer, thicker, and shiny lashes, you can base it with regular mascara before applying this diamond starry mascara. which can be brushed and dyed close to the eyelash root repeatedly without worrying about destorying your eyelash
  • ★【Waterproof & Long Lasting Mascara】Luxsea Smudge-Proof Mascara ensures that you won't be ruined by sweat or rain throughout the day. It maintains the effect of long, curly, shiny lashes and lets you say goodbye to panda eyes.
  • ★【Easy to Remove】Please do not forcefully remove the mascara. You need to use a professional eye makeup remover to remove the mascara fibers without damaging your skin. You cover your lashes with a cotton pad soaked in makeup remover and hold it for five seconds. The mascara fibers will be easily removed from the lashes.
  • ★【Party Queen Mascara】This diamond liquid mascara is perfect for parties, weddings, concerts, festivals, costumes or celebrations. Your lashes will sparkle in the light. And it can also be applied over your eyebrows. The powerful formula is rich and creamy, helping you create the most glamorous look effortlessly.
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