Wet N Wild Mega Liner Liquid Liner (Pack of 2) - REVIEW

  • Super long lasting eyeliner that is truly waterproof and doesn’t fleck off or transfer throughout the day. Take into account that I don’t use it on my lower lids often, but in my experience it’s long lasting there as well.I’ve tried so many other brands and types of brushes. No other eyeliners have stood up to this one in my experience yet. I love the control the tip of the brush gives me, and the set is so long lasting that if I do have to go morning through night, I don’t have to touch up or reapply at all. The price tag doesn’t hurt either, especially compared to all the other brands I’ve tried.Bonus points: this brand is cruelty free!
  • I love this liner. It goes on some great and stays on all day until you take it off. I love it
  • I’ve been using this liner a while now and i just can’t leave it alone i really love it ❤️
  • The media could not be loaded. I’ve been using this liquid liner for years! For myself and my clients. It Gives me the BEST winged liner! The best matte & bold look and it doesn’t go anywhere with proper skin prep underneath!
  • I use this eyeliner all the time because it's super easy to apply and remove if you mess up. I don't like that it smudges a little bit under my eye, but I can live with that. The product claims it's waterproof, but smudges when I start tearing up or start crying. The tip of the eyeliner is not intimidating at all and I would recommend this eyeliner for beginners who want to start wearing eyeliner.
  • I LOVE this eyeliner because the brush is easy to use and get pointed tips with when I wanna cut someone with my eyeliner ;) also very pigmented compared to the range of black shades from other eyeliner brands. Plus this stuff is cheap so yeah...get it.
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