ZUZU LUXE Luxe Mascara (Onyx), Water resistant, Natural, Paraben Free, Vegan, Gluten-free, Cruelty-free, Non GMO, Adds lush volume to lashes, Vitamin Enriched formula conditions lashes, 0.25 oz. - REVIEW

  • I use this after my mascara to remove excess and separate lashes. Then, I give a sweep to my brows, where it adds a tiny bit of color ( from the mascara) and grooms them nicely. I've had probably ten of these over the years. There are cheaper version, but not safer ones.
  • This is THE best natural mascara that I've found available on the market.It makes my lashes long and bold, and doesn't smudge.I'm a performer and my mascara was still looking great late into the night.It is not waterproof, which is fine because I don't like the gluey feeling of waterproof mascara.I appreciate ZuZu Luxe for making high quality natural cosmetics.If you are conscious about what goes in and on your body but enjoy wearing make up, give their products a try!I love their powder foundation and powder eyeshadow as well.All in all, I think the reviews are misleading and perhaps from people who are used to conventional waterproof mascaras.I don't want this company to go out of business because of these people.... I'll have to go on a whole new search for good mascara.Don't listen to them!! Lol.If you want a natural product, this mascara is GREAT!I promise.:)
  • Purchased as a gift for my daughter. Excellent quality. She asks for this to be in her stocking every Christmas.
  • Clean ingredients, doesn’t flake. Does the job expected of clear mascara (don’t expect the super long, super full eye lashes you’d get from tinted mascara. You will never get this from any clear mascara).But there’s no smudged black around your eyes, which is my number one priority for buying this product. And I love it.
  • I've tried plenty of brands of mascara over the years, but this stuff is simply the best. It isn't clumpy, it looks natural, and it has some staying power! I work in a warehouse and this stuff stays put the whole 12 hours! I will definitely be ordering this again
  • I really struggle to find makeup that I can wear because my skin, and especially my eyes, are so sensitive and reactive to everything. This is one of the only mascaras I can use and it’s the only one that’s vegan, so I love it!
  • If you’re questioning it don’t just buy it. I was trying to figure out it it was worth it. I dye my eyelashes black and use this to curl them up I don’t like wearing a lot of makeup so this is perfect for me.
  • Not only is this product vegan but the color is great, the stickability of the mascara to the lashes is great and it's easy to remove from the lashes.It's not clumpy but goes on smoothly and adds length to the lashes.
  • This holds my lashes up and does as described. I’ve tried another brand but prefer Zuzu
  • Love this product love navy however the last one came and it is black it’s okay because I love the line I will order it again
  • I bought this to help keep my brows in line and I liked the natural ingredients. As a bonus it seems to be helpig to grow in this bald area I've had for years. I have eczema that pops up now and then & it sometimes creates bd areas. Thus has kept them moisturized and tamed and I think the ingredients have nourished them and help them grow in. Super happy, will but again.
  • The best mascara I have owned. Easily removed with water. Doesn’t damage and make my eyelashes fallout. Not clumpy. Easy one time application. Absolutely in love.
  • This is the only Blue/Navy mascara I’ve ever really been loyal to. It’s hard to find...It’s a little flaky if you over apply; more than 2 coats, especially if they don’t dry COMPLETELY between.The price included a discount, which is always a plus! 🙆🏻‍♀️
  • *ABSOLUTELY PERFECT*I am a former makeup artist.Zulu is not only a safe natural type ingredient mascara, (check out all of the chemicals in your brand)... Ahhh!ZuludoesNOTflakeorsmudge!!!!I've kept it on for 48 hrs and I was absolutely AMAZED at how well it stays on the lashes!#*!@Yaaaaaaaaaay! FINALLY!!!!!I'd be a spokes person for this company in a heart beat!THANK YOU ZULU!!
  • The media could not be loaded. I have such stubborn flat lashes but I don’t want to wear mascara all the time to save money on mascara and limit all that gunk on my eyes. I don’t notice any string smell or any smell at all when I applied this product on.So from the reviews over here I decided I wanted to try this product.Honestly you have to put a lot of effort to keep the curls. I applied Maybe 4x after I used my eyelash curler then I dried it using a hair blower (I’m not sure if that bad on my face or ehhhhh), when it felt dried I curled it again with my eyelash curler and applied another coat onit. I blow dried it again and used my lash curler one last time at the end.And this was the effect (see the video) It’s been 20 minutes or so and I think the curl is still up (see the still photo). Hope this helps.
  • if you're looking for a natural mascara that works- this is it! it's not gonna be the same as the chemical mascaras, so dont have unrealistic expectations. but in the world of natural mascara this is the best.
  • I do like this mascara, and it is mostly natural.Am always looking for a water-resistant natural mascara, which is hard to find.This one doesn't go on as thick as I would like it to.I combine it with another layer of another similar mascara to get a little more thickness.
  • Does not run...glob or dry out!Stays on very nicely.Comfortable to wear.Nice product and a great price.
  • This is a very nice powder for coloring my cheeks. The container is small but you don't need much. It packs a punch and you don't lose a bunch from the palate ( like a different brand) when you swipe your brush. Will definitely buy this again. And the best part is its vegan!
  • I use this to shape my eyebrows works great and I use on my eyelashes then on the tips of my eyelashes I use their brown espresso color mascara.
  • I bought this clear mascara because I hate when mascara smears, and I have sensitive skin so only use natural products. I liked this, and it works well enough. My only complaint is that doesn’t lift my lashes as much as regular mascara. But otherwise, great for daily wear.
  • I use this brand's black mascara for special occasions and clear mascara for brows and eyelashes on the daily. Love that it has clean ingredients and does a great job accentuating my eyelashes.
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  • All Natural
  • This Richly Pigmented Vegan Mascara Curls And Adds Lush Volume To Lashes Without Smudging, Clumping, Or Flaking
  • Gentle and non-irritating
  • Color is Onyx - Black
  • The luxurious nylon brush is specially designed to add length and curl while being clump free.
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