Bourjois Volume Reveal Mascara Radiant Black - REVIEW

  • Great texture. Smooth application. I will definitely purchase again. I tried the waterproof version & it was clumpy. I’ll definitely stick to this version.
  • My friend from Paris, France actually recommended this to me. I was stoked that I could get it on Amazon. It shipped and arrived fairly quickly considering it was coming from out of the country. Far and away the best Mascara I have ever used. I don’t think I’ll use another kind ever again. It’s easy to use, works really well and is just all around awesome. I personally have found I have very sensitive eyes when it comes to mascara. Even the “hypoallergenic” one’s bother me sometimes. I’ve never once had a problem with this one. I’ve even slept in it multiple times (do not recommend doing strictly on principle) and have never woken up with swollen, red or itchy eyes. The mascara still looks pretty good the next day too. So extra win there. Highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone.
  • This product is FANTASTIC I got it as a gift but had really good reviews from the gift getter I just had to try it myself I love this product and highly recommend!:)
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