LATIBELL Blue Body Face Glitter Gel, Glow in The UV Black Light Glitter Gel Makeup, UV Body Glitter for Women, Fine Glitter Mixed with Gel for Body, Face and Hair Rave Accessories- 2.4 oz (Blue) - REVIEW

  • This was great for prom it made me sparkle throughout the night! Some of the glitter comes off as you wear it and bump into things, but it is stunning. It is fairly easy to apply but you should definitely put lotion before you put the glitter so that it can be smoothly distributed. I can't wait for another special event so I can wear it again. (:
  • Lightweight consistency, no real odor and pretty!The UV feature looks really cool and works well. Like with most UV reactive products, I carried around a tiny UV blacklight LED flashlight at the event I wore it to so I can recharge the product throughout the night. Worked great! You can purchase a 2-pack of the flashlights on Amazon as well.In brighter lighting where the UV reactive feature wasn't visible, the glitter alone was still pretty! I applied it to my arms, chest and hair. Highly recommend!
  • OMG this is a huge jar glow in the dark super bright like a night light and the sparkly glitter just gorgeous i use it as eyeshadow and body glitter all u need is a all amount i usr it alot amd jar looks the same as new never going to finish love it i recommend it 100% satisfaction guaranteed
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  • It Can Glow In The UV Black Light: LATIBELL body glitter gel can glow brightly under UV black light lighting. (Please note this glow glitter needs to absorb specific light to emit light, and it MUST be irradiated under UV lighting. Ordinary LED light/sunlight irradiated will not cause the glitter to glow. ) PLEASE NOTE IT CAN NOT GLOW ON ITS OWN!
  • No Primers Or Adhesives Needed: Unlike other loose glitters, LATIBELL body glitter combines the glitter with a gel base. That means you can apply it without needing any additional products like glue or adhesives. With great gel we already mixed in the glitter, it can minimize fall out and maximize sparkle. It saves your time and spends. Just stick a finger into the glitter, then spread it over the area you want to have glitter. Done!
  • More Products For Less Spend: LATIBELL body glitter gel is packed with 2.4 oz of each jar (others usually less than 2 oz). Our glitter comes in a travel-friendly jar with a secure, twist-off lid, easy to carry in your bag for making unique glitter makeup at any time. Whether you are heading to a holiday party, music festival, or other special events that require a glammed up look, and if you want to stand out, strategically applied our body glitter can do the trick.
  • Glitter For Day Time & UV Party: In the day time, It adds intense shine and sparkle that catches the light wherever it¡¯s placed ¡ª shoulders, collarbone, chest, back, arms, or legs. A pretty gloss twinkled in the right light. If you are heading for UV Party, try this on to create a unique glow glitter makeup, you can say goodbye to those old types of UV body paint. Our glow glitters are out of the ordinary! Suitable for any activities with UV lighting.
  • It's Fine Glitter: Our body glitter with an extremely fine-milled texture, which offers a more subtle sheen on the skin and typically works best if you want to apply shine to a larger area like your shoulders. Chunky glitter might make you feel uncomfortable when you use them on your body, but not on our products because you can barely feel anything when this glitter is applied to your body. Made of cruelty-free formulas, vegan, and doesn¡¯t contain any animal products.
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