L'Oreal Paris Makeup Unlimited Lash Lifting and Lengthening Washable Mascara, Black Brown - REVIEW

  • I saw this on a dupes video on Instagram andthought, "what the hell, its only 8 bucks"it does what it says! It's soooo good. Buy it
  • I love this mascara. I have tried many other expensive brand names. This mascara is my go to. With only two coats it makes lashes full, and long. It does not flake or dry my lashes out. I put two coats of L’Oréal primer on first. My sister saw it on me, and she had to have some. It is now her go to for mascara.
  • I have tried many brands and this is now my favorite. Not clumpy. Goes on evenly and really thickens and lengthens lashes. The bendable wand makes getting in the corners a breeze.
  • This is one of my favorite mascaras, it is high quality and goes on nicely without clumping or flaking and it lasts all day.
  • Love the wand and the color BUT like many others but by the end of the day it looks like your eye lashes are dry and here comes the crumbs. UGH. Not truly creamy enough for the staying power. So close for me but still misses the mark.
  • You can watch all the media reviews on this but ultimately you have to try it to really see if it will work on your lashes.My lashes are thin, medium length, not curly.Intrigued by the angled feature & like how the handle is not too long, brush not too big or crazy, I tried the mascara today (curled lashes).Formula is considered wet & creamy.So fast & easy to apply and after 1 coat, it had achieved more than I hoped for.Lashes were lengthened with dark dark black, and after drying the curl stayed up.Lashes are kind of stiff but I don't care about that.How is it compared to the famous UD, a tad bit less volume but you get longer lashes.I am happy with the results.
  • This is my favorite mascara by far. It gives lots of volume to your lashes!
  • This is the best (besides Mac) mascara I wear all the time. It really makes my lashes look so much longer and curls up nicely! Easy to remove with face wipes! I got lots of compliments on my lashes when I use this mascara. I prefer my own lashes than fake ones.
  • I like a somewhat dry type of mascara that washes off easily and this mascara fits the bill. I like the wand and the brush and switched from clinique to this with a lower price tag and a similar product.
  • I’m glad I found this mascara. I bought a more expensive brand and it’s smudged after a fewHours. This goes on nicely and never a smudge.It is a bigger base so it hold more product.AGood buy for the money!
  • I was skeptical when I saw that it’s not waterproof, but it stays on and doesn’t shed
  • I have abnormally short eyelashes. I have tried every type of mascara in every price range. Someone recommended this mascara on one of the beauty sites that I follow and I needed a new mascara so I thought I’d try it.I genuinely thought it would be like every other mascara.To my surprise, it was notI do truly feel that this makes my lashes actually look longer. And my eyelashes aren’t straight their kind of curled at the ends (it’s very odd )and this mascara seems to kind of straighten them out and lengthen them.So I’m very pleased!!!! I actually was so pleased ! Great purchase !!!
  • I've tried purchasing other mascaras when this is sold out at my local store, and nothing compares to this. I keep reordering on Amazon just so I won't run out. Gives great length to my shorty lashes.
  • Works well and as well as mascara I have purchased at 2 or 3 times the cost.
  • I really like this innovative design. It makes it easier to get the smaller lashes in the inner corner of my eye without getting mascara where it shouldn't be. The color is a lovely rich black and it coats my lashes well without being clumpy. It lasts all day. It's a little resistant to makeup remover, which is a good sign it won't smear and give you racoon eyes throughout the day, so I use an oil based remover to get it off. I find it adds length and volume and definition, the three things I look for in mascara. It does irritate my eyes a little but all mascaras do and I only tolerate it because the ends of my lashes are blonde which makes them look shorter than they really are. This definitely isn't the most irritating brand I've ever used. I'm usually a mid range to high end makeup girl, but I swear by L'oreal mascara. No use spending big bucks on mascara when it just goes bad after 3 months anyway. Now that I found this particular tube with its awesome design, I'm probably going to use this for life!
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  • Lifting and Lengthening Mascara: This stretchable formula glides on lashes to build up any look with no clumps or flakes and lasts up to 24 hours; The bendable brush makes application precise and effortless
  • Pro Lash Looks: Inspired by the makeup artist hack of bending the mascara wand for added control and ease of application, our unique 2 position wand can be used straight or bent to customize your look
  • Maximize Your Lashes: Get the long eyelashes you love with our best mascaras and conditioning and lengthening primers; Maximize your thick, long eyelashes while staying clump and smudge resistant
  • All Things Beauty: Keep your beauty stash stocked with the best; We have a variety of products to help you achieve any look - whether you need eye makeup for a killer cat eye or face makeup for a flawless complexion
  • L'Oreal Innovation: As the biggest beauty brand in the world, we have an unparalleled commitment to combining the latest in technology with the highest in quality for the ultimate in luxury beauty
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