Lor Masc 695 Xvol Col Wp Size Ea - REVIEW

  • THIS IS THE BEST mascara i've ever used or found!creamy, but it doesn't smear.thick, but it doesn't clump.soft like your lashes but it doesn't smudge.and you can really control the thickness without it getting all clumpy or looking fake.also, i am very sensitive to mascara and other eye makeup.so much of it makes my eyes itch & burn.this doesn't!i can leave it on for hours, even over nite, and it still looks & feels great!THANKS, L'OREAL, for making a quality product at a bargain price!!i've heard that l'oreal is actually a less expensive version of lancome, but this mascara performs like the most expensive mascara there is.TRY IT, YOU'LL SEE!!!
  • Dear sirs,I use this product for a long time and I like too.recommend this product. The cost benefit is very good
  • There are some water-resistant mascaras that I have tried but because I have oily skin, I still get raccoon eyes. But this mascara is very reliable.
  • Love this and highly recommend if you have sensitive eyes or tired of gooey mascaras! The formula is more on the powdery side. Don't get me wrong, it's not flaky and powdery. It's in a better realm of formulas than the usual gooey mascara that clumps. It stays on strong all day. It isn't waterproof, but the top of the non-waterproof mascaras!
  • I noticed that this product didn't make my lashes hard like a lot of mascara does. Works great and lashes feel soft with it on.
  • I have been using this product for years. It really makes my lashes look longer.
  • I like L'Oreal mascara but this doesn't coat as well as Voluninous, but it works, it fattens lashes.
  • This mascara stays on and gives lots of volume - I'm giving it four stars because it is a bit on the dry side compared to store bought.I find I get the best results with this when I apply one coat, use the lash brush (not the comb) and then apply another coat.
  • This L'Oreal waterproof mascara has worked very well for me. My eyes tend to water easily, especially on windy days. Since using this, I no longer have runny mascara!
  • This is my go to mascara. It is easy to build upon for Volume. So far, this is the only mascara I know that I can build Volume on the lashes to make lashes stand out.The waterproof version can even be worn in the pool and will not wash off.
  • This Item is excellent in terms of quality raw materials and Real I'm very happy to buy that commoditythank you really great
  • I'm so happy to finally write a good review on mascara!I've tried Maybelline and NYX and others that have boldly claimed to make lashes 5X or 10X thicker, and they failed miserably.Maybe if they hadn't made such wild claims and gotten hopes up, they wouldn't be such a let down.L'Oreal's Voluminous has a much better brush than the others, and I am convinced that it helps deliver just a little more mascara per coat making the lashes much thicker.Even with Voluminous you will need a number of coats to get thick lashes, but the others couldn't deliver at all.
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  • Does not clump
  • Smudge-free
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
  • Waterproof
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