Maybelline New York Volum' Express The Rocket Waterproof Mascara, Very Black, 0.3 fl. oz. - REVIEW

  • Bought this product to wear when I knew I would be doing a lot of crying and it didn't budge. It is a bit hard to get off, I used the Clinique remove the day balm and after a few washes was able to get it all off.
  • Cheap!Easy to remove w/cleansing oilNon clumpingBuildable volumeUPDATE 02/04/23Formula must have changed, as it flakes now.
  • I work outside and like to wear mascara daily. My lashes are flatter than a pancake, so I curl them before putting mascara on. Because of this, I need a mascara that will withstand humidity and hold a curl. Let me tell you.. this holds a curl, and lengthens and volumizes perfectly. The waterproof version stays on through rain, swimming, blood, sweat, and tears (not literally blood though). It will lose a curl if soaked, and does take a makeup remover like Clinique take the day off makeup remover balm or coconut oil to remove, but it's worth it for smudge and flake free lashes that withstand everything work and life throw at me.
  • It was pretty decent mascara but I did find one that was less clumpy a couple days later
  • I’ve tried high end mascaras and other drug store mascaras but nothing holds curl, adds volume and length, stays black, lasts through a work day in good service and has as nice a brush/applicator as THIS mascara, I truly think it checks all the boxes and nothing compares and it’s affordable so even better!
  • Best I've ever found.Plenty of volume.Great coverage.Lasts all day, yet after 12-16 hours, it kinda breaks down and comes off reasonably easily.
  • I am a very sweaty person. I sweat a lot even in the winter. This mascara passes both the sweat and cry test. no smudging or leaking once on and dried. It added volume but not as much as I would like. However, this is really amazing for every day wear
  • This is my favorite mascara! It is Waterproof enough that I would wear it to a wedding, but I wouldn't go swimming underwater with it because it might run a little. It makes my eyelashes look fuller and longer.
  • This is by far my favorite mascara. It stays on all day without being clumpy
  • Great waterproof mascara! They hold up my Asian lashes and the curl stay all day but my gosh they are a pain to get off.
  • I love it, and it does a great job of holding curl. It's a but difficult to actually remove and will smudge if you rub your eyes (I ahve allergies so it happens). It does stay on better than others I've used and my lashes look great. I often pair it with Younique;s 3D lash when I really want lashes. It's my favorite mascara to pair with the product.
  • This mascara volumizes, doesn't flake, and lasts all day. This is much better than other mascaras I have used, both in terms of volumizing and not flaking around my eyes.
  • Been using this for years. I get compliments & questions all the time, & I truly do not have the most amazing lashes. The only one I’ll use.
  • I am incredibly impressed with this mascara! I have absolutely no issues with clumping. My lashes are incredibly long. What more could you ask for? I've attached a picture to show what two coats looks like.
  • My new fav! I love the bristles on the brush, Most definitely get allll the lashes. But.... my applicator brush is “springy” or “wobbly“It kind of wobbles around when you’re putting on the mascara. I’m sure it’s to make it easier to get all the lashes but it could be a bit more stable. I don’t know if my brush is broken or if it’s supposed to be that wobbly.
  • I love this mascara. Lengthens your lashes great. The waterproof is great also. Stays where you put it
  • Smooth application! Works beautifully without the clumping effect. Really enhances the eyelashes! Absolutely love this product!
  • Good mascara. I like more definition as in thicker. I need to practice with layering it. But I usually don’t have time.
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  • This patented supersonic brush has a hard inner core and evenly-spaced soft bristles to deliver 8x the volume
  • Clump-free mascara glides on evenly from root-to-tip
  • Waterproof formula
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