IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara - Super Black Elastic Stretch Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara - Lifts, Separates & Conditions Lashes - With Collagen, Biotin & Peptides - REVIEW

  • Love this after trying every mascara under the moon. Normally I’d need waterproof but this stays on so well and I don’t have to struggle removing it at the end of the day! Elongates and makes lashes look full but not gross and goopy.
  • I am probably the most picky about mascara and my lashes over all other makeup products. I’ve tried tons of brands and keep coming back to this one. Super thick coating that doesn’t require multiple layers. Goes on well, stays on very well and easy to wash off.
  • This mascara is a game changer! 1-2 coats on my lashes and BAM! Love the length and volume it gives my eyelashes!
  • I almost never buy the same mascara, I’ve been trying new ones every few months for around 15 years. But this one takes the cake. I love the formula! It doesn’t flake, it separates my lashes and makes them look so long. Generally I feel like mascara is mascara and they don’t deliver on promises of lengthening or making fuller- but this is the formula for me! It’s the only one I’ve ever had a noticeable difference with. My one thing is that i wish it came in brownish black instead of black only.
  • I absolutely love this mascara. Super easy to put on. Extends your lashes!! and easy to remove. I’ve tried tons of mascaras and by far, this is my favorite.
  • I have somewhat short, sparse lashes.This product gave me just the opposite.Very pleased how my lashes lengthened and seemed to have multiplied.Great product
  • I love using this mascara I always use a pre-conditioner on my lashes and this makes them twice as long. I give it five stars plus!I love using this mascara I always use a pre-conditioner on my lashes and this makes them twice as long. I give it five stars plus
  • I got this because I saw someone online use it and was skeptical because I have short eyelashes. Using this has made such a difference! Love it. It does make it a bit clumpy looking sometimes, so I need to always be careful with how many layers I do.
  • I have tried several brands of mascara during my lifetime.I always ended up at the end of the day looking like a racoon.That has not been the case since I started using this brand.I cannot see myself ever using any other brand of mascara other than this one.
  • I found this mascara about a year ago. I'm hooked! No need to ever look for another mascara. Goes on smooth, doesn't flake or smear under my eyes and layers nicely. I don't get clumps. Makes my eyelashes look great!
  • I’m a huge mascara fan. You can’t go wrong with this mascara. It gives you the perfect volume without the clumps. I’ve been a loyal customer since my first purchase 3 years ago. I used to love voluminous but the quality changed. This is simply the best!
  • I've tried plenty of mascara over the years.This one is my new addiction. I like how this separates my lashes and it's not too think.Looks natural but also provides the coverage I need to make my eyes pop.
  • All my mascaras smear under my eyes this one does not. I will be buying the full size next time
  • I love this mascara! It's one of my favorites. I don't have an issue with it clumping or drying out. I have super oily skin and it doesn't transfer on my eyes like most mascaras do.
  • Wasn’t what I expected. I heard really good things about this mascara but I found it to be very wet and clumpy. It kept getting all over my top eyelid when I blinked
  • Made lashes look like u had mascara on.Loved it. Kinda expensive compared to drugstore products.
  • If your looking to spend a little more then a drugstore mascara, this is worth the buy.Love that it gives BOTH fuller and longer lashes. And no flaking!
  • I’ve been using this mascara for a few years now it is amazing, you can build to get the length you want, It lasts all day, no flaking! Definitely worth trying if your looking for a new mascara.
  • This mascara is really awesome!! It adds great length and width to your eye lashes, I will order this product again.
  • I think this is the best mascara I ever used to make my old, thinning lashes look great again!
  • As I’ve gotten older (over the hill now) my eyes more sensitive to all face products. I was skeptical about this mascara and it literally sat in my cart for months - but due to a time crunch I ordered it and hoped for the best. This mascara feels like nothing. Nothing. It makes my straight, fine, wimpy lashes full and long. I no longer feel like I should get extensions. It doesn’t end up under my eyes. It doesn’t flake. It washes off easily. I couldn’t be more surprise or impressed. Love it!
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