Lengtening Hypoallergenic Cherish Mascara With Vitamin E | Premium Deep Black Color Gluten Free Volumizing Eye Mascara With Vitamins Makes Perfect Natural Bold Eyelashes And Care Your Sensitive Eyes - REVIEW

  • I was searching for a mascara that wouldn’t burn my sensitive eyes and after reading the ingredients decided to try this product. No burning eyes. It’s a keeper!
  • This mascara has been great.I feel like it has nourished my lashes.I have sensitive eyes and I have had no irritation.
  • THIS IS ABSOLUTELY THE BEST MASCARA I HAVE EVER TRIED, AND BELIEVE ME — I HAVE TRIED THEM ALL!!Department store mascaras all irritate my eyes, every single one!I’ve tried several on Amazon without success and decided to give it one last shot wth this one. WhooHoo!I can actually wear this one. Not only are my eyes sensitive, but I also have allergies, so this is A VERY BIG DEALfor me.I will be ordering more soon so I don’t run out.
  • The first mascara that doesn’t irritate my eyes.Has a nice wand that separates lashes and mascara goes on nicely and doesn’t smudge.The only downfall is that it’s a little difficult to get off, but that’s part of why it doesn’t smudge, flake and irritate your eyes.
  • Nothing to dislike! Awesome! I have very sensitive dry eyes and had Lasix surgery a few years back . I honestly though that my days of enhancing my eyes where over ! I can wear this mascara the whole day ! No discomfort, it works for me 😊❤️
  • I like it very much,I am on my second one. It is a bit hard to remove-I use a cream
  • The product didn't irritate my eyes, two coats worked well but the mascara seems to just disappear during the day.The good thing is that it doesn't end up on my face it just seems to fade.
  • This hypoallergenic mascara appears to be my new favorite one. Lashes look gorgeous, long and separated. It has a special brush to curl eyelashes easily, and it lays without any clumps. As for me - nothing else to dream about at the moment.
  • Lovely mascara for such sensitive eyes as mine are! I really like it’s brunch - makes lashes long and without lumps. For the drama effect apply two layers - it’s buildable!
  • This does not irritate the eyes. Does not come off until you want it to come off.
  • Love this mascara! Everything in it suits me good starting from its brush for easy curling from roots, ending deep black color.It does not make the "drama" effect but for naturally beautiful and an expressive glance it is just perfect.
  • I use it a little more than two months, it is really long-lasting mascara - all day long lashes look perfect. What is also great, my eyelashes stopped falling out during make-up removal.
  • Stays on for a long time ( until you remove it). No flaking. Makes my lashes look naturally long
  • A very good mascara; as cold weather has arrived, ladies remember to keep you tube imerced in hot water prior to use; also never pump the wand, swirl it.
  • At the moment it is the best mascara of all I have tried. My lashes look spectacular, long and thick, really expressive, the color is saturated black and it last all day.
  • As a person with celiac I have a challenge with mascara. This one doesn’t itch, is gf and my lashes look long luscious and natural
  • This does lengthen your lashes without having to add a bunch. I especially like how easy it was to apply without clumping.
  • Only mascara that gives me lashes. I'm older and my lashes are almost nonexistent. You do have to be careful, when you first put on, it's wet. Once dry, you don't have to worry about smudges. Comes off easily with face wash.
  • Hard to fine good mascara.I tried so many I think this one is not bad.Not totally 5 star but Almost there
  • I've had this mascara for about a month or so and I love it. A lot of the mascara that I've tried gets clumpy really fast and dry easily, but this mascara applies well for me. It seems to seperate my lashes easily, it lasts all day (it flakes rarely and it's water proof! ) it has good volume, doesn't irritate my eyes, doesn't have any toxic smell to it and the color helps my brown eyes stand out.I'm just really surprised by how nice this mascara is.
  • Mine came w/proper texture as expected for a lash extender. First mascara that didn’t have my eyes tearing up after the first hr. Hopefully purchasers are are applying correctly by wiggling a little at lash base then slowly pull past edge it’s not just a thin coat like regular mascara it extends past the end of you eyelash making them look longer,u can’t whip on 1-2-3 strokes atop each otherlike the regular non-extending more wet mascara ,apply evenly meaning don’t overlap,drag to end move, over to next section,then lightly tip edges when you’re done and decide you want it a little thicker dip tip only then wipe excess off into tube now using tip only gently tip it where u need it, pretend your trying to do one lash at a time if y want thicker ,don’t do a wholeadditional layer.
  • Just reordered - for third time - this fabulous mascara!!!I have very sensitive dry eyes and had resigned myself to living without mascara until I discovered this.It doesn't irritate my eyes.Yeah!The bent wand makes application so much easier than a straight one.And, best of all, it's a luscious, long-wearing, and lovely lash extending product!!!Highly recommend!!
  • I was looking for a mascara that would make my lashes longer since Maybelline Great Lash is not so great anymore.This one does the trick.I have my lashes back...thank you!
  • Okay for months I have tried searching and searching for the right mascara.This is it, seriously! I have super sensitive eyes and it's not irritating even at end of day! It gives me SO much volume because I refuse to wear falsies. I'm in love with this mascara. I have been using it for a week now and it is hands down the best. Finally, thank you!!
  • I have trouble with eye makeup.Some of them make my eyes burn.I bought this mascara because its hypoallergenic to see if it would help me out.It works pretty good.It doesn't flake off much at all so the little pieces don'tget into my eyes and hurt them.Sooo.... So far so good.I had quit wearing mascara because I couldn't find one that would work for me.I hated that.But with this one I believe I can keep wearing it now.
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  • It's no secret that long, thick eyelashes are able to emphasize the beauty of the eyes, and make your glance sexy and fascinating. <b>What to do, if your eyelashes are not as long and dense as you would like?</b> Expensive treatments in the beauty salon or poor-quality, aggressive cosmetics sometimes only worsen the situation. The company Cherisher gives you an excellent solution of the problem of short, thin eyelashes, which are tired of cosmetics - mascara with vitamins Cherish Mascara.
  • Cherish mascara is a voluminous mascara of a new generation, which instantly gives lashes astounding length, volume and deep, expressive color. <b>The innovative formula of mascara helps to create longer, thicker and fuller-looking lashes.</b> The unique vitamin complex in the composition of Cherish mascara provides eyelashes care and complete nutrition.
  • Cherish mascara makes your lashes more luxurious and lush instantly, perfectly coating every eyelash. <b>Due to the special soft texture mascara goes smoothly and evenly, without flakes or clumps.</b> Specially-designed curved lash-building brush defines lashes and responds to the natural curvature of the lash-line
  • Cherish mascara is volumizing and lengthening mascara, that provides <b>long-wear performance for all day volume confidence.</b> It is long lasting mascara, that is easy to remove at the end of the day without scrubbing. Caring mascara Cherisher is sweatproof and water resistant, but it is not waterproof.
  • The composition of <b>Cherish Mascara includes natural valuable vitamin complex that provides eyelashes follicles deep nourishment</b> and starts the recovery processes. Cherish mascara contains only natural, high quality and repeatedly tested ingredients, it is free of harmful chemicals. It is suitable for contact lenses wearers and for ladies with sensitive eyes.
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