Mavala Double Lash Nutritive Eyelash Serum for the Appearance of Longer Lashes, Natural Looking, Denser Lashes + Eyebrows, 0.3 Ounce Bottle (1 Pack) - REVIEW

  • This s a good product. However, I noticed an increase in price by 30% since I first purchased it a couple of years ago. It was originally sol for 19.99$ when it first came out.
  • The application brush is nice and dense the formula is white not clear so it leaves a bit of white if it dries on skin and I’m using it on my eyebrows also, so far I think is working infusing good stuff into hair shafts
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  • STRENGTHEN, LENGTHEN, THICKEN: Step up your beauty game. Mavala Double Lash serum enhances the health of your lashes or eyebrows for a fuller, longer appearance. Boost your lashes and your confidence for a lush, beautiful look
  • MAVALA LASH SERUM contains an extract rich in vitamins and proteins to give your lashes a natural, nourishing boost. Eyelash treatment growth stimulates growth over time to increase fullness and resistance. Fragrance and colourant free
  • PROTECTS FROM ROOT TO TIP: Double-Lash contains a natural extract rich in vitamins and proteins that strengthens, covers and protects the lashes which will then become longer and stronger. This care helps lengthen and densify lashes, which will be more fuller and silkier
  • SKIP THE FAKE LASHES: No more messy, glued on lashes, lash extension appointments or daily mascara. Use our lash enhancing double lash for denser and longer lashes to give you confidence without makeup or expensive beauty treatments
  • USE OVERNIGHT: Remove makeup and swipe double lash on clean eyelashes from root to tip or eyebrows before you go to bed for a night time treatment. Wake up to healthier and thicker lashes every morning with our lash building and eyebrow enhancer. Use up to 2 months to see results
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