Benefit Badgal Lash Mascara -Full Size - REVIEW

  • Love this mascara! I used to buy it at ultra for $30. Now I buy it on Amazon because I enjoy the price difference. This is my favorite mascara. It stays on well even in the South Carolina heat. It makes my eyelashes nice and long.
  • The wand on this mascara is plastic with short, fine plastic hairs which are on a longer conical shaped end which means it can hit the lower lashes perfectly simply by realigning the wand.The mascara itself is thick and may take a few wipes to even it out but it works perfectly.It is better to use a makeup remover towelette because soap and water does not remove it all. Which means it doesn't smudge easily.Don't dump the towelette.Rinse it out and put hot water on it the next time and it removes all the mascara simply with hot water.Excellent product.
  • I initially tried the sample size of this in an ipsy bag and now I'll never go back! I absolutely love this mascara. It gives me a very natural looking length, without clumping my eyelashes together.
  • So far it’s the best mascara ever and I’ve tried multiple ones but this specific one brings volume and shape my lashes so perfect. It’s worth the price
  • I absolutely love this mascara! I wouldn't use any other. There is nothing I don't like about it.
  • I have short straight stubby lashes. With a little lash curler bend before I added the mascara, my lashes actually look nice.Pros: The mascara isn’t smelly, it’s has a nice pull when you take out the brush. It’s not clumpy and full of thick mascara. The application was nice. The brush is small and grabs each lash nicely.Con: for me I noticed it might have too much product when I apply. I like to gradually build, but this mascara kinda took that joy away from me. I guess that’s not a bad thing, but for me, I want a little more control over that. Price is not worth it. But obviously I paid for it, but I don’t think I will buy again unless price changes.Overall great purchase
  • Love this product.I have long eye lashes but due to age they have gotten thin.This is the ONLY mascara that I have found to give the look I want.Itlengthen eye lashes and gives a fuller look. Worth the price.
  • My daughter recommended this mascara to me because I asked her if she had false eyelashes. She does use apply a lash conditioner before applying and I think that makes a difference too. I’m old school and have only used drugstore brands of mascara so it was hard for me to pay the higher price for this product but it’s worth it!
  • Benefit Cosmetics makes some amazing mascaras, but this one is really special. It gives a TON of volume, lift, length and color while still managing to look natural—no clumping or caking, just an even coating with convincing lash separation. The wear is just as good too; it’s long lasting, doesn’t flake or break off. The brush makes application simple and removal is easy too; smudges can be wiped away (just let them dry a few seconds) and any face wash should be enough to throughly remove this product.
  • I stumbled across this mascara from a tik tok creator and now I can't go back! I have tried others that are comparable but are not as good and hard to remove. This stuff never fails, wears great and such easy remove!
  • This mascara makes my eyelashes look SO long!! Last forever and washes off easily! Love it
  • I originally had bought this mascara at the urging of my daughter, as when I was visiting them. They have Sephora‘s all over the place, but where I live, there is not one within 100 miles. So I was delighted to be able to find it on here. I just bought two extra ones in case they decide to do the typical thing we’re all of a sudden a specific product just disappears. They make my lashes nice and thick and long too. And I am 63 years old so they’re starting tthing where all of a sudden a specific product just disappears. They make my lashes nice and thick and long too. And I am 63 years old so they’re starting to get a little sparse. This product does the trick!
  • Easy to apply. Make eyelashes appear longer without globing up. Works well on lower lashes also.
  • Best mascara I have ever used.Covers lashes and stays on. The price is worth it! I went back to some cheaper ones and had to re-order.No clumping.
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  • BADgal Lash Mascara
  • A sexy, super black mascara
  • Features big, bodacious brush
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