EVERMARKET 2 Sets (4 tubes) Lashes Mascara English Version (Gel & Fiber) Set - Brush on False Eyelashes - REVIEW

  • I’m disappointed. The fingers are clumpy coming out. So I blow on the stick then apply. Then I use the other tube to help make them stick. But through the day I get flaking all over my face
  • Must say I'm very happy I gave it a chance..wow only use letter A twice my lashes were so long..when I apply letter B my lashes were even longer..fake eyes lashes for some reason break my eyes lid out..the price was great you get 2 sets and it is worthitTake a chance and buy it
  • I have used other brands before, But this one is by far better in price and long lasting..
  • As someone who’s a little hesitant with lash extensions, this works great and still gives me that volume and length I like to have. Comes off easy and great price
  • I have great lashes, this enhances them. I have used for years. Cheap, easy to use, looks and work great!
  • It's not as good as younique but good enough for me. I would buy it again.
  • I have tried so many mascaras to no availfor my short skimpy lashes! I have been using false eyelashes to get the effect of long natural lashes...I tried this and am amazed how natural and long my eyelashes are !!! Worth the $$$ and probably the best mascara I've had in years !!! Will buy again (even though I got a 2 pack)
  • This is the best mascara I have ever used. The mascara goes on smoothly and the fibers stick nicely and look great once they are coated over with mascara. It comes off completely clean when washed but does not smudge throughout the day or during my workouts. I am on set number 6 and don’t plan on switching mascara wver again.
  • I wouldn't say the quality is identical to Younique, but the price makes this an attractive option if you are in the market for a fiber mascara.
  • I love the deep black gel and wispy fibers. The end result is very natural looking, boosted lashes.
  • This mascara is different from any other I’ve ever tried. When you remove it with warm water, it peels of instead of smudging, it comes off in little pieces. Very easy to clean.I don’t use the fibers, only the mascara.
  • Though the price sky rocketed I still prefer this over any name brand store bought mascara. Just don’t get your eyes wet. If this can be water proof without smudging when it’s 100+ degrees out it would be goldIt stays on ALL day, no smudging and crazy easy to get off without smudging. Just get your lashes wet for a few seconds and the mascara literally slides off.
  • I've only used it once so far but it works just like another brand I've used. Makes my lashes longer, although a bit time consuming. Easy to remove with warm water or a make-up remover wipe
  • I only use the gel tube to enhance lashes before I apply my choice of mascaraI really like it
  • Excuse my cross eyes. Who cares! Look at the difference. Says it all. I’m a lady that has the saddest hair on their lids. Like ridiculously small….
  • If this is your first time purchasing/using this mascara, it may take some practice to get the best results, but it does work! You can use another mascara as a base for best results. You have to sort of tap the fibers onto the ends of your lashes then gently go over with the clear coat to get the lengthening effect.
  • I've been buying this brand for quite a long time. Before I purchased this last time the quality of the product has always been amazing! But this time, it is clearly a different product which also, for some reason, smells like applesauce. The first few times you use it, it is still pretty good. But it dries out very quickly and is thinner than the previous version. I will buy more if they bring back the previous version.. but for now I have found a great replacement for extremely long looking lashes. I can't remember the brand but it is Telescopic
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  • Premium Lashes Mascara: 100% - 300% increase in thickness and volume to your lashes.English Version (Gel & Fiber) Mascara Set.Brush on False Eyelashes
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