NICKA K 24H Waterproof Eyeliner NYA40 Black - REVIEW

  • My mom ask me for this product after she received it as a gift. Ordered one and 3 pencils where included… first best impression ever lol!They I decided to give it a try as my mom is very ‘picky’ in terms of make up. Since that day is my go to for everyday use.I dont have oily skin but after 40 our eyelines are a threat to any makeup.Anyways, this liner stays for up to 7 hours. You wont be looking like a racoon after lunch and best of all is the amazing price!!100% recommended, by me and by mom❤️
  • Glides smoothly for an easy application.I absolutely love this pen.Stays all day.No retouch needed def doesn't smear.. I love it. This pic was at night ,I am up and out by 5 am.All day wear!Love it!
  • When I tell you this eyeliner is waterproof, I mean it is so water proof! It doesn’t smudge! I have to take it off with my makeup remover! It lasts for 2 days if need to be!! I found it in a beauty supply store, and I’m so glad I did!! It’s a little expensive here on Amazon!It’s so worth it though, I love it!!
  • Wow!!This eyeliner with a smudger tip was better than any of the others I have tried; and at a 1/4 of the price!I loved it so much I ordered two more to make sure I don’t run out to quickly!
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